B.S. in Health Science

Year 1

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
ENG 1301 Composition & Rhetoric 3
MAT 1301 College Algebra 3
BIO 1340 Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIO Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
CHE 1315 General Chemistry I 3
CHE 1115 General Chemistry I Lab 1
SPC 1301 Fundamentals of Speech 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
ENG 1302 Composition & Literature 3
BIO 2399 Biostatistics 3
PSY 2420 Statistics 3
BIO 1341 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIO 1141 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
BIO 2341 Microbiology 3
BIO 2141 Microbiology Lab 1
HIST 2322 Modern American History 3
Year 2

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
ENG 23XX Sophomore Literature 3
BIO 1321 Intro to Cell Biology 3
BIO 1121 Intro to Cell Biology Lab 1
CHE 2316 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 2116 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
HUM 2340 Humanities 3
HUM 2341 The Human Prospect 3
Year 3

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
REL 1321 World Religions 3
CHE 3118 Analytical Chemistry Lab 1

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIO 1322 Intro to Genetics 3
BIO 1122 Intro to Genetics Lab 1
Year 4

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIO 3431 Molecular Genetics 3
EXS 3316 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise Performance 3
ENG 3312 Writing in Natural Sciences 3
PSY 3362 Psychology of Learning 3
FIN 1325 Personal Finance 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
SOC 1302 Cultural Anthropology 3
EXS 4311 Physiology of Exercise 3
EXS 4111 Exercise Physiology Lab 1
BIO 4426 Infection & Immunity 3
BIO 4412 Molecular Cell Biology 3

Total Credit Hours: 125

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