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Texas Wesleyan hosts urban biologists for iNaturalist training March 10

03.04.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Bruce Benz's iPhone with iNaturalist and flower

Texas Wesleyan University is collaborating with the Friends of Tandy Hills to inventory the biological diversity at Tandy Hills Natural Area. Called the "BioBlitz," this inventory will take place on Earth Day, April 23-24. Experts and volunteers from across Texas will congregate to inventory and describe the native plant and animal life found at Tandy Hills Natural Area. Inventory and description are aided by a mobile app called iNaturalist. iNaturalist will be used to document, with georeferenced photographs and sound recordings, all the plant and animal life in Tandy Hills.

Join us at 12:15 p.m. on March 10 at Lou’s Place for iNaturalist training in preparation for Earth Day. Sam Kieschnick and Rachel Richter, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Urban Biologists, will lead the training and continue to enable citizen science to thrive on Texas Wesleyan’s campus. Volunteers participating in the Earth Day BioBlitz at Tandy Hills will use iNaturalist to document the biological diversity found there. Thirty-five experts will participate in this intensive inventory of life, and volunteers will assist in documenting.

This BioBlitz will inventory the common, rare, endemic, and the threatened plants and animals at Tandy Hills Natural Area. This inventory, once posted to iNaturalist’s scientific data repositories, will facilitate discussions by fellow naturalists. The scientific data amassed during the upcoming BioBlitz will help stakeholders manage the Tandy Hills' biological diversity for years to come. 


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