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Mediation Team

About the Mediation Team

The Mediation Team is all about helping students understand the value of resolving conflict through mediation – or peacemaking. After you learn how to mediate, you can apply it to your personal and professional life.

The team participates in a regional and national competition against other universities. You compete in teams of three taking turns being a mediator, client and advocate resolving hypothetical disputes. These may be family arguments, neighborhood disputes, contracting issues or any other types of conflict, and you'll try to reach some resolution within the time you're given.


How do I join?

The Mediation Team is open to all students, not just paralegal studies or political science. There are no dues and you don't even have to fill out an application. All you have to do is come to the annual meeting in September of the fall semester and learn more about the group. Look for an announcement in the Ram Life newsletter for the next meeting.

Have a question? Contact the faculty sponsor, Professor Michelle Payne at

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