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Dr. Halil Ibrahim Salih
Social Sciences
Professor of Political Science

Dr. Salih’s areas of focus are
international relations, foreign
policy and the Middle East.

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Political Science is the systematic study of the use of power to pursue a policy in an institutional setting and to exercise control over human society. Political Science is concerned with political interaction in the exploration of political attitudes, elections, interest groups, lobbying, organizations and the electorate’s interaction in governmental settings.

Our courses are taught by permanent faculty members and distinguished adjunct professors. Undergraduate courses in Political Science, whether lectures or seminars, are designed to provide each student with a basic foundation and understanding of the American and International political process.

The program is both challenging and stimulating, including internship requirements allowing students to develop the necessary practical skills to solidify a successful career choice, adequately prepare them for graduate study, law school or relative employment following graduation.


Texas Wesleyan University Political Science majors may select their program of study from:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science with a Pre-Law emphasis

Courses place a strong emphasis on critical thinking and analytical writing. Students will:

  • Read assigned texts
  • Write scholarly papers
  • Engage in political science research
  • Develop a political science research design
  • Participate in group presentations
  • Engage in case studies
  • Represent Texas Wesleyan at various regional and national competitions

Texas Wesleyan students may participate in the Model Arab League, Texas Undergraduate Moot Court Association, the American Collegiate Moot Court Association and regional and national Ethics Bowls.

Our curriculum seeks to encourage professional responsibility, critical analysis of emerging issues and to prepare students with skills to realistically evaluate and analyze political systems, political development and political thoughts and observations currently at work in the nation and world.

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