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Commencement 2018: Looking back before moving forward

05.21.2018 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Photo of graduate Paola Estrada

Paola Estrada’s journey to Commencement 2018 started at Tarrant County College. With the help of her family and advisers, Paola, one of TXWES’s “Smaller. Smarter.” Promise scholarship recipients, has completed her degree in psychology. She explained how she got to the big day.

How did you hear about TXWES?

"The first time I heard about Texas Wesleyan University was in a college fair at TCC-Northwest campus. I saw the slogan and got really interested in the small classes and the programs offered at TXWES. I stopped by to talk to one of the recruiters and they talked to me about requirements and scholarship opportunities."

What made you ultimately decide to come to TXWES?

"After talking to my academic advisor at TCC, I decided to take a campus tour at Texas Wesleyan. The moment we arrived to the campus, I got “family vibes” – a feeling I had not experienced in a long time. The way I explain this feeling is similar to when you have not been home in a long time, and when you arrive, your family is there waiting for you and welcoming you back. The campus looked so nice and warm. I fell in love with the buildings and how everything is close to each other. I knew I wouldn’t get lost if I came to Texas Wesleyan."

"After my visit, I filled out the application to be accepted into Texas Wesleyan, and I was approved immediately with a scholarship offer for my outstanding GPA. I felt so blessed to be accepted into a university where I felt at home and where people seemed so friendly. I had heard about the “Smaller. Smarter.” Promise scholarship, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be eligible. After a while, I got an email saying I had been awarded the scholarship and felt peace in my heart. I felt so blessed to be in a place where I would feel comfortable and where finances wouldn’t worry me as much as they would if I didn’t have any scholarships. I think even with just my GPA scholarship, I would have come to Texas Wesleyan because of how I felt when visiting campus."

Talk about your campus experience. How did things like jobs and student groups play a role in your time here?

"During the President’s Picnic, I met many people and many student groups and organizations that caught my interest. There was one organization in particular, more like an honor society. The chapter of Psi Chi at Texas Wesleyan University, the international honor society of psychology, was the organization of my interest."

"I was able to join the organization in the fall of 2017, where I was appointed President of Psi Chi. It was such an honor and a surprise to be nominated president of such an amazing organization."

"I also organized a volunteer opportunity at Ronald McDonald House with Meals from the Heart. This volunteer opportunity gave me happiness and made me feel like I was blessing people with food prepared with love."

Any final thoughts? 

"Texas Wesleyan is my home. This is where I met my best friends and previous roommates. I was very blessed to find such good friends and genuine people. Thanks to my friends, I have so many good memories that I will forever cherish and keep close to my heart. I also met the greatest professors I’ve ever had."

"I never knew I would meet such amazing people in a small place like Texas Wesleyan University. I am happy to call TXWES my second home. I thank everyone who supported me through my education journey. I have grown so much as a person, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone without the support of my mother, my friends, and my professors. Thank you!"

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