Reaffirmation Overview

As noted in  The Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, 2012 Edition, the process for initial and continued accreditation involves a collective analysis and judgment by the institution's internal constituencies, an informed review by peers external to the institution, and a reasoned decision by the elected members of the Commission on Colleges Board of Trustees.

Accredited institutions periodically conduct internal reviews involving their administrative officers, staffs, faculties, students, trustees, and others appropriate to the process. The internal review allows an institution to consider its effectiveness in achieving its stated mission, its compliance with the Commission's accreditation requirements, its efforts in enhancing the quality of student learning and the quality of programs and services offered to its constituencies, and its success in accomplishing its mission. At the culmination of the internal review, peer evaluators representing the Commission apply their professional judgment through a preliminary assessment of the institution; elected Board Members make the final determination of an institution's compliance with the accreditation requirements.

Overview of the Reaffirmation Process

Preparation of Compliance Certification by University Preparation of Quality Enhancement Plan by University Off-Site Review by Peer Evaluators Preparation of Focused Report (optional) in response to issues affecting compliance identified in the off-site review On-Site Review by Peer Evaluators Final determination by Commission Board members of compliance

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