Program FAQ

The PreProfessional Programs
equips students who want to
become doctors, lawyers,
dentists, ministers, licensed
counselors, health professionals
or who want to work with
non-profit agencies. 

PreProfessional Program

Is there any extra cost for taking the PreProfessional courses?
Many of the PreProfessional Program courses are zero credit hour and therefore tuition free. Most of the remaining classes are one credit hour or three credit hours and generally do not impact the block tuition.
How much homework or outside work is assigned in the PreProfessional courses?
There are no tests, no graded homework and no books to buy for the PreProfessional Program courses. Courses are provided in seminar and group discussion formats with occasional sessions in the computer lab for online research and admissions test practice.
What majors should take PreProfessional courses?
The major is not the determining factor for PreProfessional Program admittance. The program is designed for students who will be attending graduate or professional school to fulfill their career objectives, particularly in the areas of law, medicine, dentistry, counseling, theology, pharmacology, and research.
I want to be a doctor; do I have to major in science?
No. However, it is important that to take and do well in the required science courses to meet the admission requirements for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and other allied health profession schools.
Can transfer students participate in the PreProfessional Program?
Yes, transfer students can participate in the PreProfessional Program; the junior level courses (3PR 3101 & 3PR 3102) are especially beneficial to those who transfer in as juniors due to the timeframe for the graduate/professional school application process.
I want to be a lawyer; how do I major in PreLaw?
There is no PreLaw major nor are there any other “Pre-insert-name-of-career-here” majors. When planning for law school or other graduate or professional schools, it is important to achieve the highest possible GPA and adequately prepare for the admissions test in hopes of attaining a competitive score. Critical to all graduate/professional schools is your ability to read with thorough comprehension, write with a strong, informed voice, and engage critical thinking skills.
What GPA is required to enroll in PreProfessional courses?
All students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or the written consent of the student’s academic advisor and the director of the PreProfessional Program. For the junior level courses, students are


Jasmun Askew
Major: Biology
Class of 2011

The professors really want to see
you succeed and you can form
great relationships with
professors and peers.

Contact Information

PreProfessional Program
Location: PMC 314
Phone: 817-531-4484
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

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