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What majors can be in the PreProfessional Program? 
Your academic major is not the determining factor for PreProfessional Program admittance. The program is designed for students who will be attending graduate or professional school after receiving their bachelor's degree. 

I want to be a doctor; do I have to major in science?
No. However, it is important that you take and do well in the required science courses to meet the admission requirements for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and other allied health profession schools.

Can transfer students participate in the PreProfessional Program?
Yes, transfer students can participate in the PreProfessional Program; the junior level courses (3PR 3101 & 3PR 3102) are especially beneficial to you as a junior due to the limited timeline for the graduate/professional school application process.

I want to be a lawyer; is a major in PreLaw required?
There is no PreLaw major, although there are some academic degrees that offer an emphasis in PreLaw. If you want to go to law school, it is important to achieve the highest possible GPA and to adequately prepare to earn a competitive score on the admissions test (LSAT). Integral  to all graduate/professional schools is your ability to read with thorough comprehension, write with a strong, informed voice, and engage critical thinking skills.

What GPA is required to enroll in PreProfessional courses?
You should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, but each student is evaluated individually. For the junior level course, a 3.25 GPA is suggested as it is commonly the expectation for graduate/professional school admissions. We understand the plethora of problems that can affect GPAs. Please schedule a meeting with the director of the program to determine your eligibility or if you have a question. 

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