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COVID-19 Information

Office of Student Records

Office of Student Records/Registrar Contact Information

The Texas Wesleyan University Registrar’s Office will only be open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Please note that during office hours, to ensure the health and safety of our staff, we will only allow a limited number of people in the office at one time. It is recommended that you make an appointment with our office by emailing

We can schedule virtual appointments through Microsoft Teams anytime Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by making an appointment.

If you are on campus and have paperwork you need to drop off, we have placed a secure mailbox outside of our office on the third floor of the Oneal-Sells Administration Building. It is recommended that you email your paperwork to for faster processing.

To get in touch with an individual staff member, please refer to our Student Records Staff webpage for contact information. 

For the latest information from Texas Wesleyan University on the coronavirus, please visit

Class Meeting Information

In-person classes during the spring 2021 semester will be held in a hybrid format. This format enables us to accommodate social distancing during in-person class meetings and will help keep our students, faculty and staff safe. The following spreadsheets shows you the classes with building and room number locations as well as the specific day(s) and times courses will meet face-to-face and virtually.

Please check the schedule throughout the semester for any updates/changes to classroom locations. 

Download The Spring 2021 Schedule

Spring 2021 Class Attendance Policy

Spring 2021 class attendance policies 

  • For the benefit of students, faculty will record the audio of all class lectures and make those recordings available to all students.  
  • Excluding online classesall class meetings will either be face-to-face or virtual (students in virtual classes are expected to be online and participate in class at the designated meeting time for the class period). 
  • Students are required to attend all face-to-face lectures either in person or virtually, at their designated times, with the following exceptions:  
    • Some classes, labs, etc., require that students attend face-to-face lectures in-person, which means there is no virtual optionThese classes are identified in the class schedule by the designation in-person. 
    • With faculty approval, students may learn asynchronously, meaning they will be provided audio recordings of class lectures without attending lectures either in person or virtual. This option is restricted and only applies to students who are residing abroad or have other circumstances which limit their ability to attend classes. Approval for this option must be obtained from the faculty member prior to the first day of class. 
  • International students should consult with the Office of International Programs and may be required by federal law to attend all face-to-face lectures in person. 
  • Spring break will be March 15-19, 2021. Instruction for undergraduate classes during the week following spring break will be delivered virtually. 

Instruction/Attendance definitions  

  • Asynchronous  students learning asynchronously are not attending class in-person or virtually.  Asynchronous students will be provided recordings of class lectures (audio). 
  • Face-to-Face – faculty deliver live instruction in the classroom.  Subject to the restriction noted above (#4) students may choose to attend a FTF class in-person or virtually. 
  • In-personstudents are physically present in the classroom/lab during the designated face-to-face (FTF) class lecture. 
  • Virtual or virtually – students attend class using an online platform such as Collaborate or TeamsStudents are expected to be online and participate in class at the designated meeting time for the class period  

For more information please contact the instructor or respective Dean’s Office as listed below:

School Email Phone

School of Business Administration


School of Arts and Sciences


School of Education



School of Health Professions Email Phone

Nurse Anesthesia - Dr. Terri Kane


Nursing Practice - Dr. Connie Barker


Counseling - Dr. Linda Metcalf 



Academic Success Center Email Phone

Dr. Gladys Childs for ASE-1111 or ASE-1311


Michael Brown for ASE-1113






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