Degree Audit

Your Degree Plan (or "Degree Audit") is a report which tracks and officially evaluates your academic progress. This is an important tool that you and your advisor should utilize on a regular basis to track your progress toward graduation.

Please note that any substituted or waived courses will not be reflected on your Degree Audit until the appropriate paperwork has been received and processed by Student Records. We encourage you to contact Student Records with any questions or concerns you may have about this Degree Audit and its contents.

To access your Degree Audit:

  • Click on RamLink
  • Go to Students
  • Log In (you may have to go back to Students again)
  • Click on Degree Plan in the sidebar on the right
  • A list of active programs assigned to you will come up; check the box of the appropriate one and click "Submit"
  • If the correct program does not come up or if you want to run a "test scenario" to see what would happen if you changed majors, choose the program you want from the pull-down menu entitled What if I changed my program of study?
  • Click the appropriate catalog
  • Click "Submit"

Students should be advised that Degree Audits are an advising tool only and are not to be used as an official Texas Wesleyan document or an official transcript.

Program/Major List

Major Title Degree Program Code
Accounting Concentration BBA ACC.BBA
Accounting Fraud/BBA only BBA ACF.BBA
Accounting Fraud/Dual Degree/BBA portion BBA ACF.DDG.BBA
Accounting Fraud/Dual Degree/MBA portion MBA ACF.DDG.MBA
Accounting/Dual Degree/BBA portion BBA ACC.DDG.BBA
Accounting/Dual Degree/MBA portion MBA ACC.DDG.MBA
Athletic Training BSAT ATR.BSAT
Biochemistry BS BCH.BS
Biochemistry/Dental Early Admission BS BCH.DDG.BS
Biochemistry/Health Science Emphasis BA BCH.HSC.BA
Biology/Biomed BS BIO.BM.DDS.BS
Biology BS BIO.BS
Biology/Dental Early Admission BS BIO.DDG.BS
Biology/with Secondary Life Science Certfication BS BIO.LS.BS
Biology/with Secondary Life Science Certification/Dual Degree BS BIO.DDG.LS.BS
Chemistry BS CHE.BS
Chemistry/Dental Early Admission BS CHE.DDG.BS
Chemistry/Teaching Emphasis BA CHE.TCH.BA
Computer Science BS CSC.BS
Criminal Justice BS CRJ.BS
EC6 Bilingual BA EC6.BA
EC6 Generalist/with ESL Certification BS EC6.BS
EC6 Bilingual/Dual Degree BA EC6.DDG.BA
EC6 Generalist/with ESL Certification/Dual Degree BS EC6.DDG.BS
English/Literature Concentration BA ENG.LIT.BA
English/with Secondary Certification BA ENG.SEC.BA
English/Writing Concentration BA ENG.WRT.BA
Exercise Science BS EXS.BS
Finance Concentration BBA FIN.BBA
General Business Administration BBA GBA.BBA
History BA HIS.BA
History BS HIS.BS
History/Secondary Certification BA HIS.SEC.BA
History/Secondary Certification BS HIS.SEC.BS
History/Secondary Certification/Dual Degree BA HIS.DDG.BA
History/Secondary Certification/Dual Degree BS HIS.DDG.BS
Liberal Studies BA LBS.BA
Liberal Studies BS LBS.BS
Liberal Studies/Education Cluster BS LBS.EDU.BS
Liberal Studies/Education Cluster/Dual Degree BS LBS.DDG.EDU.BS
Management Concentration BBA MGT.BBA
Marketing Concentration BBA MKT.BBA
Mass Communications BS MCO.BS
Music/with All-Level Certification/Choral Track BM MUS.CHOR.BM
Music/with All-Level Certification/Instrumental Track BM MUS.INST.BM
Paralegal Studies BS PLS.BS
Political Science/Government and Politics Track BA POL.GP.BA
Political Science/Government and Politics Track BS POL.GP.BS
Political Science/Pre-Law Track BA POL.PL.BA
Political Science/Pre-Law Track BS POL.PL.BS
Political Science/Global Studies Track BA POL.GS.BA
Political Science/Global Studies Track BS POL.GS.BS
Psychology BA PSY.BA
Psychology BS PSY.BS
Religion BS REL.BS
Religion/Christian Education BS REL.CED.BS
Religion/Comparative Religion BS REL.CO.BS
Religion/Comparative Religion Online BS REL.ONL.CO.BS
Sociology BS SOC.BS
Spanish BA SPN.BA
Spanish/with Secondary Certification BA SPN.SEC.BA
Spanish/with Secondary Certification/Dual Degree BA SPN.DDG.SEC.BA
Theatre Arts BA THA.BA
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