The purpose of the Office of Student Records and Registration is to provide secure, efficient storage of permanent student records and to maintain the integrity of the University Catalog. Students rely on the office for a variety of services including registration, schedule changes, verification of enrollment, maintenance of current address information, graduation audit, grades, official transcripts, and degree plans.


Spring 2015 Ceremony

10 a.m. Saturday, May 16, 2015
Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, MacGorman Chapel
4616 Stanley Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76115

Spring 2015 Graduation Meeting Information


Apply for Graduation Online

Deadline to apply for Spring or Summer 2015 graduation: November 3, 2014.

Applications received after the deadline will be charged a late fee of $28 in accordance with catalog policy. Applications received within two months of graduation will be charged $193.

Graduation Application Dates

Spring and Summer 2015: Nov. 3, 2014

Fall 2015: April 1, 2015

How to Apply for Graduation
  • Check your record to ensure you are in the correct major and catalog year. Unless you have initiated a catalog change, your catalog year is the one that was in effect during your first term of enrollment at TWU.
  • If you need to change your major, minor or catalog year prior to graduation, please submit the necessary Change of Major or Catalog Waiver to the Office of Student Records.
  • Submit a graduation application online by the deadline (stated above and in the University Catalog).  Graduation applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted if submitted one month or less prior to the graduation date.
Graduation Requirements

Information you need to know regarding your major requirements:

  • Your General Education credit hours will vary by program (44-46 hours required)
  • Your Major must include a minimum of 30 hours (some programs may require more).
  • Related Requirements will vary by program or major.
  • A Minor requires a minimum of 18 hours.
  • Elective hours will vary by program.

Please follow your major degree plan as outlined in your catalog, and make certain you know your program requirements and graduation requirements. Run your degree audit from Ramlink each semester to see which courses you have taken and what you still need.

Four-year major planners are also available on the Registrar website to help guide you in selecting the correct courses. It is your responsibility to know the graduation requirements, and you should plan to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to discuss your progress.

Other Information:

Minimum number of hours to complete your program:

  • 124 hours minimum (some programs may require more)
  • 24 of these must be upper level hours (3000 or 4000) taken at Texas Wesleyan University.
  • 15 of these must be upper level hours (3000 or 4000) taken at Texas Wesleyan University in the student's major course of study
  • 6 of these must be upper level hours in the student's minor course of study (if a minor is chosen)
  • Residency requirement - 45 hours of a degree must be earned at Texas Wesleyan.
  • Minimum overall GPA 2.0 to graduate
  • Minimum Major GPA 2.0 to graduate (some programs require higher GPA)
  • Financial obligations to university MUST be cleared prior to graduation.
Graduation Fees
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Graduation Fee: $110*
  • Doctoral Graduation Fee: $376
  • Graduation Application Late Fee: $28
  • Graduation Fee Within Two Months of Graduation: $193

*The graduation fee must be paid even if the graduate does not participate in the commencement ceremony. The fee covers the cost of the printed diploma and the academic regalia, including hood. Late applications are subject to an additional fee depending on the severity of the missed deadline.

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Contact Information

The Office of Student Records
Location: Oneal-Sells
Administration Building, Third
Phone: 817-531-4414
Fax: 817-531-4464
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

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