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Pass/Fail Selection for Spring 2020

05.01.2020 | By:

As final examinations for Spring 2020 courses start this week, you may be thinking about your course grading, and how you can select your courses to be graded with a Pass/Fail grading basis instead of the traditional letter grade.

Your faculty will enter your letter grade, as earned, on their grade roster. You then have the option to view this final grade, through Ramlink, and make the decision to have it graded Pass/Fail. The Office of Student Records will then change your letter grade to the Pass/Fail. 

To select the Pass/Fail grading basis on any or all of your courses, you must complete the survey below. Please keep in mind these important deadlines to complete the survey for Pass/Fail.

1.   Spring 2020 long semester courses – graduating seniors, May 20 

2.   Spring 2020 long semester courses – all other undergraduates, May 26

3.   Second 7 week session of Spring 2020 courses – May 13 

Select Pass/Fail for your Spring 2020 courses here.

Please contact our office with any questions.

Office of Student Records