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On-Campus Students

This section is meant to help on-campus students register for classes. Please follow our simple step-by-step process to make sure your registration process goes smoothly.

Step 1: Prepare for registration

Be prepared to register for classes. Follow these three easy steps in order to prepare for registration.

1. Make an appointment with your advisor prior to registration

Your advisor is here to help you. With the exception of seniors, every student begins their semester with an advising hold on their student account. Why? Simple, we want to make sure you take the right classes, that you need. The first step to registering is to see your academic advisor.

2. Remember to look at your degree audit often

Not only will your degree audit help you plan your courses, but it will give you an idea of what you want before you consult with your academic advisor. When you're planning ahead, please remember that some classes are not offered every semester. Your advisor will be able to help you with this as well.

3. Check for any other ‘holds’ on your student record

If you do have a hold—don’t panic. Holds can often be resolved easily. If you want more information about your particular hold, check your Ramlink account for details or feel free to contact the Office of Student Records directly at (817) 531-4414.

Step 2: Know when to register

Regular Registration

Registration begins

  • Summer and Fall semester registration begins in March
  • Spring registration begins in October

The exact date registration begins is always posted on the academic calendar.

 **New students can contact the Office of Admission at 817-531-4422 for information on freshman and transfer student orientation registration dates.

Priority Registration

If you are a Sophomore, Junior or Senior—congratulations! You qualify to register during our priority registration period which begins prior to regular registration. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you get the classes you need before they fill up.

Late Registration

If you leave registration until one week before your term begins, this is considered late registration. All returning students who register late are subject to a $130 late fee (this fee does not apply to new students or re-admitted students).

Texas Wesleyan faculty will be available on campus for several days before the term begins. They are there to help get you advised quickly and get you ready to be registered in the Office of Student Records.

Step 3. Register for classes

You've been advised, selected your classes and now it's time to register. If you have any questions, you're welcome to stop by the Office of Student Records or give us a call at (817) 531-4414.

Freshman Students

Freshmen are not eligible for online registration. We have a specialized advising service just for you! Freshmen will be advised and registered in the Freshmen Advising Center located on the first floor of the Eunice & James L. West Library.

New Transfer Students

Transfer students with over 25 credit hours will register in the Office of Student Records. Transfer students with less than 25 hours of credit will register at the Freshmen Advising Center.

Students on Academic Probation

Students on academic probation are not able to register online. In this case, you must meet with your advisor and then register in the Office of Student Records.

Step 4: Register for special classes

Registering for a conference course, independent study or internship

Conference courses, internships or independent studies are not available for online registration, but the process to register for them is as simple as getting a form signed.

Depending on your selection you will either need an Internship Form or an Independent Study/Conference Course Form.

  • Pick up the relevant form from the Office of Student Records or by just printing them out from our website using the links provided above.
  • Get your form signed by your instructor AND the dean of your school (Note: independent studies will need a syllabus, provided by your instructor, attached to your form in order to register).
  • Bring your completed form to the Office of Student Records

That’s all there is to it. You're finished.

Registering for a study abroad course

If you are looking to broaden your educational experience by studying in a foreign country, Texas Wesleyan offers study abroad opportunities to many fascinating destinations. Students interested in participating in a study abroad trip should speak with their advisor or visit the International Programs Office for information on upcoming trips.

A student’s enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Texas Wesleyan may be considered enrollment at Wesleyan for the purpose of applying for assistance under Title IV [34 C.F.R. § 668.43(a)(9)].


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