Careers in Business Administration

Careers in Business Administration

Finance and Accounting International banking is a fast growing field in international business. Large banks have become global and take in thousands of international transactions.

Accounting can present a variety of areas that require dealing with international issues. The understanding of foreign exchange rates, inflation rates, contrasting tax systems, and language are requirements of the profession. Tasks within the international business field of accounting include auditing, financial accounting, and managerial accounting.

Tax Accountant Auditor Information Systems
Financial Advisor General Accountant Cost Accountant
Public Accounting Corporate Accounting Research/Forecasting
Banking Officer Financial Planning Real Estate Broker
Insurance Investment Banker Financial Analyst

Marketing and Sales
Product managers manage a specific product or product line. This would include managing the advertising program, the product development, the distribution system, and setting the prices of the product. In many firms, especially high tech firms, a Product Manager has global responsibility.

International advertising agencies have followed product lines that have expanded overseas. Having global companies with advertising offices overseas serves as an advantage to promoting programs to the local markets. Careers in international advertising include account executive, creative manager, media specialist, and production manager.

Marketing Manager Advertising Manager Distribution Manager
Producer Marketing Analyst Account Executive
Product Manager Graphic Designer/Artist  

Production Specialists with an international background are highly sought after as companies globally expand their production. The tasks of a Production Specialist include arranging for goods to be produced in other countries and locating foreign producers for the goods.

Production Manager

Management In Human Resource Management, managers hire, train, compensate, motivate, evaluate, and promote employees. In this field, an understanding of other cultures and businesses is required.

A career as a Strategic Planner includes putting together the company's long-run strategic objectives and plans while operating at a high level in the company. Strategic planning requires an understanding of international economics and markets.

General Manager Human Resource Office Systems
Operations Manager    

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