Careers in Finance

Careers in Finance

Corporate Finance
In a corporate finance career, you would work for a company and deal with financial decisions as to finding money to run the business, grow the business, plan for it's financial future and manage any cash on hand. Problem-solving skills get put to good use with work in corporate finance.

Financial Analysis Budget Analysis Payroll
Cash Management Investor Relations Benefits
Credit Management Investment Management  


In the insurance industry, jobs are found in a wide variety of areas. These areas include being an underwriter, a sales representative, an asset manager, a customer service representative or an actuary. Jobs in insurance look to helping people and businesses manage risk to protect themselves from any devastating losses or potential risk problems that may come their way.

Claims Analysis Underwriting Sales
Risk Management Actuarial Science Loss Control


Real Estate
Real estate offers a variety of job positions that include brokerage and leasing, construction, mortgage banking, property management, real estate appraisals, real estate development, and title insurance. The real estate industry is constantly changing, very challenging, and personally rewarding.

Residential Brokerage Commercial Sales Appraisals
Property Management Real Estate Portfolio Management  


Commercial Banking
More people are employed in the commercial banking sector than any other part of the financial services industry. In commercial banking, banks provide services to individuals, small businesses and large organizations. Jobs in commercial banking gives one numerous opportunities to learn about business and communicate with people through interaction.

Commercial Lending Capital Services Private Banking
Branch Management Mortgage loans Mergers & Acquisitions
Credit Scoring    


A career in the investments field can be in a number of different positions. These include security analysis, portfolio management, personal financial planning, and securities brokerage. These positions are available at large commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage houses, mutual fund companies, or self-employment.

Corporate Financial Analysis Equity and Debt Institutional Bond & Equity Sales
Business Valuation Venture Capital Fund Management Currency Trading

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