Careers in Management

Corporate Management

All management jobs include planning, organizing, directing and controlling. A corporate manager works with a larger organization within any number of specialized departments. An administrative manager in corporate management oversees services specifically related to the actual operation of a company. Other positions within corporate management include information systems manager, purchasing manager, marketing manager, financial manager and office manager.

Information Systems Manager Purchasing Manager Marketing Manager
Financial Manager Office Manager Human Resource Manager

Physical Management

Within physical management there are a variety of positions. A facility manager is commonly referred to as one who coordinates the physical workplace with people and work of an organization. An operations manager controls the procurement and production process within a manufacturing organization. Other positions in physical management include production managers, industrial/manufacturing managers and construction managers.

Production Manager Materials Manager Construction Manager

Public Sector Management

Public sector management contains a variety of positions that include city or county managers, government program managers, non-profit manager, school principal or director, school administrator or superintendent, college administrator and farming, forestry, mining or fishing managers.

City/County Manager Government Programs Manager Labor Relations Manager
Superintendent College Administration Human Resource Management

Private Sector Management

Positions in private sector management include communications, food services, insurance, public utilities, real estate, retail, service, transportation and self-employed managers. For example, a communications manager will maintain the operations of a company such as telephone, Internet, print media, TV or radio while a real estate manager will direct a team of real estate agents and help to maintain the up-to-date database of properties for sale or rent.

Restaurant Manager Property Manager Retail Sales Manager
Communications Manager Bank Manager Broker Residential/Commercial


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