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Professional Research Conference

Becoming a Professional in the Field

Ed.D. students are encouraged to attend professional conferences in order to deepen their knowledge and practice. Students may elect to attend and/or present research at the Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA). Students who attend this conference receive partial funding to help with travel expense. Recent conferences have been held in New Orleans and San Antonio.

Attending the professional conference is directly related to ‌Edu 8317 Seminar: Professional Conference. Edu 8317 is a required course for students in the C and I concentration. It is an elective course for students in the Ed Lead concentration.

About the SERA

Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA) is a regional educational research association dedicated to furthering the advancement of research in education. SERA has an annual meeting each year for three days in which professionals share research findings and ideas in a conference setting. The primary medium of the conference is written, in the form of formal written scholarly papers. 

All paper presenters are required to distribute during the presentation physical paper copies of their papers, or upload digital copies of papers to the SERA Digital Repository, or both. SERA is not a venue for delivering extemporaneous off-the-cuff remarks. SERA is also committed to furthering the education of graduate students by providing educational resources, mentorship, and opportunities to present papers at the annual conference.


For more information, visit the SERA website

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