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Recent Dissertations Defended

For abstract and complete dissertation, please visit the West Library Academic Archives site:

Recent dissertations defended include the following:

Dr. Chassidy Green “An Analysis of Texas School Districts Using CSCOPE in Grades 5 and 8 Mathematics.” Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Kary A. Johnson “Multicomponent Treatment of Rapid Naming, Reading Rate and Visual Attention in Single and Double Deficit Dyslexics.”  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Joey Richards “Principal-generated YouTube Video as a Method of Improving Parental Involvement.” Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Deborah RoarkThe Impact of Participation in Freshmen Learning Communities on Student Academic Achievement and Retention at One College.”  Chair: Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Michael Wright “A Phenomenological Investigation into Cultural Factors Which May or May Not Contribute to Degree Completion Among American Indian Students in One Community College District.”  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Shane Naterman "A Qualitative Content Analysis of Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness Programming in Texas Private Schools."  Chair:  Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Marillyn Dardenne "A Qualitative Case Study Investigation into Character Education Experiences in One Urban Middle School Setting."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Steven Newby "A Case Study of the Experiences of Transfer Students in an Urban Christian School."  Chair:  Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Andrew Ha "The Relationship Between Web-Assisted Computer Math Instruction On Pass, Withdrawal, and Future Success Rated of Students in Remedial Courses at One Community College."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Al Benskin  “Teachers' Perceptions of African American Male Students and African American Male Students' Perceptions of Teachers."  Chair:  Dr. William Newton

Dr. Alondra Poindexter “An Investigation into the Self-Reported Role Cultural Identity Plays in the Educational Interactions of African American High School Teachers Working with African American High School Students in Texas."  Chair:  Dr. Patsy Robles-Goodwin

Dr. Jacqueline Gaffner “Exploring Barriers and Solutions to Technolgy Integration: Employing Co-Teaching Strategies as a Method of Technology Professional Development."  Chair:  Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Terilyn Gray  “Educator Perceptions of Deficit Thinking and Deficit Thinking's Influence on Student Achievement in Secondary Urban Schools in North Texas."  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Jeff Herr “Thinking Out Loud:  Exploring the Dynamics of Student Engagement within Facilitated Whole-Class Dialogues."  Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Julie Ledford  "A Descriptive Analysis: The Role of Social Intelligence in School Leadership."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Shereah Taylor  “Contributing Factors to Success and Retention of Community College Teacher Education Graduates:  A Case Study."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Katrina Schultz “An Investigation of Multi-modal Integrated Reading Intervention Effectiveness.”  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. David Freeman “A Study of Schoo District's Repsonses to Violence: Arming School District Employees ad Part of a Comprehensive Safety Plan."   Chair: Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Teresa Phelps  "The Impact of Self-Efficacy:  A Case Study of Third and Fourth Grade Writing Teachers."  Chair: Dr. Lisa Dryden

Dr. Jessica Salazar “Title I Reading Intevention: An Examination of Supplemental Instruction with English Language Learners."  Chair:  Dr. Patsy Robles-Goodwin

Dr. Jolene Webster "The Effects of Music Education on Academic, Social, and Emotional Outcomes: An Investigation into the Perceptions of High School students and Their Parents."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Adlai Charles  "A Qualitative Case Study: Understanding Mentors’ Perspectives in a Peer Mentoring Program for First Year Students at One Prospective Tier 1 Research University.”  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Laura Kunkel "Athletic Training Student Perceptions of Preceptor Learner-Centeredness During Clinical Experiences."  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Waldine Fyer “Understanding the Impact of Mobility on the Academic and Social Experiences of the Military Adolescent.”  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Rebecca Martinez  “An Investigation of the Impact of Grade Retention and Social Promotion on Mathematics Achievement in Texas: 2005-2012.”  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Keonna Roberts  “Comparison of University-Based Teacher Certification Programs and Alternative Certification Programs.”  Chair:  Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Kristi Dorman “The Impact of Access To and Usage Of Laptop Computers on Math Achievement as Measured By ACT and SAT Scores in Mathematics.”  Chair:  Dr. Joe Dryden 

Dr. Maria Guadalupe Arrendondo-Alba “A Descriptive Analysis of the Impact of Training Sessions “iQue Buena Idea!” Conducted in Spanish for Spanish-speaking Parents of Children with Special Needs.”  Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda  

Dr. Solomon Cross  “Community College Administrator Perceptions of the Value of Competency-based Education: A Phenomenological Study.”  Chair:  Dr. William Newton

Dr. Cristina Martinez  “A Mixed Methods Study Into the Perceptions of High School Counselors and College Admissions Officers Regarding Educational Opportunities for Unauthorized Residents in Regards to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and In-state Tuition Policies."  Chair: Dr. Carlos Martinez

Dr. Sheldon Smart  “A Phenomenological Study Which Examines the Mentoring Experience of African-American/Black Males Enrolled in an Urban Two-Year Community College."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda   

Dr. Hannah Anthony  “First Year Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness to Meet the Needs of Diverse Students."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Ted Arrington  “An Analysis of the Teaching of Critical Thinking Skills in History in Post-Secondary Education."  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott 

Dr. Christine Beason  “Mixed Methods Design Study Investigating the Use of a Music Authentic Performance Assessment Tool by High School Band Directors to Measure Student Musical Growth."   Chair: Dr. Aileen Curtin 

Dr. Carolyn Choate  “An Investigation into the Academic, Social and Economic Effects of Requisite Remedial Courses for First Year College Students: A Mixed Methods Case Study of One Private University."  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Dianne Hawkins  “The Influence of Parental Engagement on Most Restrictive Special Education Placements for African American Students in a Major Urban Texas School District." Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda  


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