Recent Dissertations Defended

For abstract and complete dissertation, please visit the West Library Academic Archives site:

Recent dissertations defended include the following:

Dr. Chassidy Green “An Analysis of Texas School Districts Using CSCOPE in Grades 5 and 8 Mathematics.” Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Kary A. Johnson “Multicomponent Treatment of Rapid Naming, Reading Rate and Visual Attention in Single and Double Deficit Dyslexics.”  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Joey Richards “Principal-generated YouTube Video as a Method of Improving Parental Involvement.” Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Deborah RoarkThe Impact of Participation in Freshmen Learning Communities on Student Academic Achievement and Retention at One College.”  Chair: Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Michael Wright “A Phenomenological Investigation into Cultural Factors Which May or May Not Contribute to Degree Completion Among American Indian Students in One Community College District.”  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Shane Naterman "A Qualitative Content Analysis of Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness Programming in Texas Private Schools."  Chair:  Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Marillyn Dardenne "A Qualitative Case Study Investigation into Character Education Experiences in One Urban Middle School Setting."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Steven Newby "A Case Study of the Experiences of Transfer Students in an Urban Christian School."  Chair:  Dr. Aileen Curtin

Dr. Andrew Ha "The Relationship Between Web-Assisted Computer Math Instruction On Pass, Withdrawal, and Future Success Rated of Students in Remedial Courses at One Community College."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Al Benskin  “Teachers' Perceptions of African American Male Students and African American Male Students' Perceptions of Teachers."  Chair:  Dr. William Newton

Dr. Alondra Poindexter “An Investigation into the Self-Reported Role Cultural Identity Plays in the Educational Interactions of African American High School Teachers Working with African American High School Students in Texas."  Chair:  Dr. Patsy Robles-Goodwin

Dr. Jacqueline Gaffner “Exploring Barriers and Solutions to Technolgy Integration: Employing Co-Teaching Strategies as a Method of Technology Professional Development."  Chair:  Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Terilyn Gray  “Educator Perceptions of Deficit Thinking and Deficit Thinking's Influence on Student Achievement in Secondary Urban Schools in North Texas."  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Jeff Herr “Thinking Out Loud:  Exploring the Dynamics of Student Engagement within Facilitated Whole-Class Dialogues."  Chair: Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Julie Ledford  "A Descriptive Analysis: The Role of Social Intelligence in School Leadership."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Shereah Taylor  “Contributing Factors to Success and Retention of Community College Teacher Education Graduates:  A Case Study."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Katrina Schultz “An Investigation of Multi-modal Integrated Reading Intervention Effectiveness.”  Chair:  Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. David Freeman “A Study of Schoo District's Repsonses to Violence: Arming School District Employees ad Part of a Comprehensive Safety Plan."   Chair: Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Teresa Phelps  "The Impact of Self-Efficacy:  A Case Study of Third and Fourth Grade Writing Teachers."  Chair: Dr. Lisa Dryden

Dr. Jessica Salazar “Title I Reading Intevention: An Examination of Supplemental Instruction with English Language Learners."  Chair:  Dr. Patsy Robles-Goodwin

Dr. Jolene Webster "The Effects of Music Education on Academic, Social, and Emotional Outcomes: An Investigation into the Perceptions of High School students and Their Parents."  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Adlai Charles  "A Qualitative Case Study: Understanding Mentors’ Perspectives in a Peer Mentoring Program for First Year Students at One Prospective Tier 1 Research University.”  Chair:  Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Laura Kunkel "Athletic Training Student Perceptions of Preceptor Learner-Centeredness During Clinical Experiences."  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Waldine Fyer “Understanding the Impact of Mobility on the Academic and Social Experiences of the Military Adolescent.”  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Rebecca Martinez  “An Investigation of the Impact of Grade Retention and Social Promotion on Mathematics Achievement in Texas: 2005-2012.”  Chair: Dr. Celia Wilson Scott

Dr. Keonna Roberts  “Comparison of University-Based Teacher Certification Programs and Alternative Certification Programs.”  Chair:  Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Kristi Dorman “The Impact of Access To and Usage Of Laptop Computers on Math Achievement as Measured By ACT and SAT Scores in Mathematics.”  Chair:  Dr. Joe Dryden 

Shane and Marilyn after Spring graduation ceremony, 2014



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