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Education Faculty

Welcome to the "treasure" in Graduate Education: Friendly, learner-centered faculty!

Highly qualified educators, researchers, writers and practitioners make up the faculty who teach in the Graduate Education programs at Texas Wesleyan University. Many of the graduate faculty also teach in the undergraduate program. You will find caring individuals who want the best for you and for children, teens and adults in all learning communities across the nation and globally.

Feel free to contact faculty members via email, Blackboard, or in person for answers to your questions, to dialogue about a class discussion, to ponder about a research topic or a dissertation plan, or just to find out more about education programs Texas Wesleyan University. Education faculty are known to have an "open door" policy, so send an email or come on by!

Dr. Carlos Martinez, Dean of Education

Carlos Martinez, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Education

Research agenda: Bilingual and ESL education, accreditation

Dr. Elsa Anderson

Elsa M. Anderson, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Literacy and writing development, ESL learners, diverse populations

Education faculty member Aileen Curtin

Ellen "Aileen" Curtin, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Qualitative design, ELL instruction, pedagogy

Joe Dryden, Texas Wesleyan School of Education

Joe Dryden, J.D., Ed.D.

Research agenda: Off-campus student expression rights and the legitimate intervention by school authorities to prevent cyber-bullying, religion in public education, school finance, standards movement

Dr. Lisa Dryden, Texas Wesleyan School of Education

Lisa Dryden, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Literacy development and instruction

Graduate Education faculty member Jacqueline Gaffner

Jacqueline Gaffner, Ed.D.

Research agenda: Technology in schools, technology for teachers, co-teaching with student teachers

Headshot of Twyla Miranda

Twyla Miranda, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Global perspectives, leadership, teacher formation and reflection, literacy

Dr. Bill Newton, Texas Wesleyan School of Education

William "Bill" Newton, Ed.D.

Research agenda: School administration, superintendent development, best practice in supervision

Headshot of Patsy Robles-Goodwin

Patsy Robles-Goodwin, Ed.D.

Research agenda: Early childhood education, bilingual/ESOL education, educational issues affecting Latino/minority students and families, diversity



Ken Helvey

Jearl K. Helvey

Research agenda: Educational leadership, school finance and education policy, school transformation, program evaluation, and education technolgy

Graduate Education faculty member Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth K. Ward, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Teacher efficacy, math and science education

Graduate Education faculty member Celia Wilson

Celia Wilson, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Applied general linear model statistics, instrument development, best practice in research design, statistical analysis

RJ Wilson, Texas Wesleyan School of Education

Robert J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Research agenda: Science education, best practice in secondary teaching

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