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MIT invites Ed.D. student to join prestigious panel

04.02.2019 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that Ida A. Joiner, Texas Wesleyan Ed.D. student, was accepted as a member of its Technology Review Global Panel.

The panel is a group of thought leaders, innovators and executives asked to share their expertise on technology and business through surveys.

“This is a very prestigious appointment that will allow me to share my expertise on technology and business and help to shape the future,” Joiner said.

Joiner has spent years studying and exploring how new technology has, and can be incorporated into education. That inclues in libraries, where she has firsthand experience in seeing innovations like robots and drones be introduced to library visitors.

About MIT Technology Review Global Panel

Panelists are asked to take part in executive surveys conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights and share their expertise on a wide range of technology topics and research initiatives. Panelists receive access to the results of all the surveys they contribute to, and they have the chance to attend senior-level gatherings held the world over.

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