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Careers In Education

Early Childhood

A career in early childhood education integrates the tasks of planning and guiding developmentally appropriate activities and the practicing of guidance and discipline for young children. At this level of education, the teacher will lead hands-on activities such as block-building games, construction projects, etc. Large and small group activities are very common and increase the knowledge and problem-solving skills of the students, as well as learning appropriate behaviors while participating in groups.

The curriculum for early childhood education should be fun and exciting, having the youngsters always wanting to learn more. Children at this age level learn differently, making unique teaching techniques a task to the educators. At this early stage of learning, the students will be introduced to the key components of language and literacy development.

Teachers and students read and discuss books, stories, rhymes, and songs; they also write and draw based on their own ideas and experiences. Students at this level will also develop social skills such as self-confidence, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Subjects introduced to the students include studies of art, health, mathematics, music, physical education and science components.

Elementary Education

At the elementary level, students are being introduced to their first years of formal, structured education in their childhood. Elementary education usually consists of the instruction of grades one through six, focusing on the subject teachings of art, language arts, math, music, physical education, reading, science and social studies. 

As a teacher in elementary education, one demonstrates their commitment to teaching through organization and communication of informative material to students. This in return gives personal satisfaction of teaching children how to learn. Teachers at the first through sixth grade levels normally teach several subjects to one class of students.

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