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Careers In Kinesiology

Exercise Science

Exercise Science is the study of the body's functional and physiological adaptations to movement.(source: American College of Sports Medicine). Career opportunities for individuals graduating with degrees in exercise science are numerous. Listed below are some of the common career opportunities available in Exercise Science.

Personal Training

Personal training is commonly known to be for private instruction. Personal trainers design a specialized exercise program based upon their client's health status and goals. Personal trainers can work out of a client's home or their place of employment or business.

Learn more about Personal Training Certification.

Graduate Education and Research

A bachelor's degree in exercise science provides a foundation for graduate study and specialization in:

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Sport Psychology
  • Motor Development
  • Sport Sociology
  • Recreation Administration
  • Rehab Medicine


With a bachelor's degree in exercise science, one can go on to become a physical education teacher or coach at the elementary through secondary levels of school. One must be certified in the state in which they are teaching to do so.

Additional Career Opportunities in Exercise Science Related Fields

Sports Teams/Athletic Departments

Hospital/Rehabilitation Clinics

Health Clubs/Training Centers


Public School Districts in Our Area

Athletic Training

Athletic trainers work closely with other members of the allied health team including physicians, physician's assistants, physical therapists, and others to care and prevent illness and injury related to sports and exercise. By working under the direction of a licensed physician, Athletic trainers advise, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate athletes in order help athletes participate in athletic competition.

A career in athletic training can include, but not limited to: secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports, sports medicine clinics, corporate health program, health clubs, industrial healthcare programs, and athletic training education programs.

Athletic Training Work Settings

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