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Course Descriptions

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EXS-1116 Walking to Wellness

EXS-1122 Kickboxing Aerobics

EXS-1124 Rhythms: Yoga Exerc

EXS-1162 Self Defense

EXS-1170 Swimming I

EXS-1178 Aquatic Sport: Scuba Diving

Prerequisite: Basic swimming Skills Become a certified diver and learn basic diving skills. Class has one pool and one classroom session per week. Diving trip to Caribbean optional.

EXS-1179 Aquatic Sport:adv Scuba/Rescue

Prerequisite: Instructor approval, must be a certified open water diver A continuation of the beginning Scuba course. Learn advanced diving skills such as navigation, deep diving, wreck diving, and nitrox diving. Rescue diver skills include self-rescue, recognizing stress and signs of potential rescue situations, first aid, and CPR.

EXS-1220 Basic Concepts of Wellness

Introduction of various methods for lifetime wellness, including workouts; some fitness, motor skills, and nutrition appraisal; lectures; discussions; and videos on important health information, with individualized counseling on each student's personal health and fitness needs.

EXS-1222 Liftetime Spt:outdr Educ&camp

Knowledge and skills in outdoor education and camping activities gained through planned and incidental experiences, including a weekend campout.

EXS-1300 Founda of Exercise Science

An introduction to the profession of sport and exercise sciences. An examination of career possibilities, a thorough historical background; and a look at the physiological, psychological, and sociological foundations of the field.

EXS-2104 Elem Meth P E Lab

Prerequisite: EDU 2100, concurrent enrollment in EXS 2201, instructor approval To provide pre-service physical education teachers with an opportunity to observe and teach elementary age student in the physical education environment. Students will apply content knowledge learned in EXS 2201 and develop learning opportunities for elementary age children. After successfully completing the course, the pre-service teacher will demonstrate the acquisition of teaching behaviors, knowledge, and skills necessary to teach at the elementary level.

EXS-2201 Hlth Phys Ed for Elem Teachers

Prerequisite: EDU-2100 or concurrent enrollment. This course is designed for students majoring in EC-6 Generalist Education and places emphasis on participation in games, sports, fitness, and movement for grades EC-6. Focus is placed on the health and physical education standards for Texas EC-6 generalists. Five (5) hours of participatory observation with children in schools is required. Students must provide their own transportation.

EXS-2203 First Aid

A study of the theory and practice of basic first aid, culminating in Red Cross certification in three areas: Community CPR, Adult CPR, and responding to emergencies. American Heart Association certification in CPR for the Professional Rescuer is an additional certification that is mandatory for Athletic Training.

EXS-2301 Anatom Basis for Phys Activity

Prerequisite: BIO 2401 and BIO 2402 A study of the gross structure of the human body with emphasis on the relationship of skeletal, muscular, and neurological anatomy and function as it relates to sport performance and injury evaluation.

EXS-2304 Data Collect

The study of the evaluation process in exercise science including data collection, analysis of common fitness tests, and application of norms and criteria.

EXS-2310 Lifetime Games & Sports

Prerequisite: EDU 2100 or concurrent enrollment To provide pre-service physical education teachers content knowledge and teaching methodologies for specific activities associated with lifetime fitness and sports. The primary emphasis of the course is on skill development, teaching progression, game play, and assessment.

EXS-3100 Biomechanics Laboratory

Prerequisite: BIO 2401, BIO 2402, EXS 2301, and EXS 3300 or concurrent enrollment. This laboratory course is designed to be an addition to the Biomechanics lecture course by providing the student with hands-on learning relating to the laws of physics relevant to human movement and the skills used in teaching and analysis of general and sport specific movement patterns. For maximum benefit, this course must be taken concurrently with the lecture (EXS 3300). Students who have previously completed the lecture with a grade of "C" or better may take this laboratory independently.

EXS-3300 Biomechanics

Prerequisite: BIO 2401, BIO 2402 and EXS 2301. Analysis of internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects of these forces. Special emphasis is placed on teaching motor skills in a physical education and athletic setting.

EXS-3306 Instruc Assess Elem/Sec P E

Prerequisite: EDU 2100, or concurrent enrollment. The course is designed to prepare all-level physical education teachers in the areas of curriculum development, planning, teaching methods, evaluation, and classroom management for elementary and secondary teachers.

EXS-3310 Funda. of Motor Dev

Fundamental principles of motor development and the integration of movement activities. The study of the principles of motor development from pre-natal stages through the aging population. Aspects of each stage of growth and development and associated motor patterns are presented and discussed. Also included in course topics is a detailed analysis of changes that occur to one's anatomy and functioning physiology across one's lifetime.

EXS-3316 Nutrition for Sport/Exer Per

The study of the basic human nutritional needs with a special emphasis on the needs of athletes during high-energy output periods. Introduction of methods for integrating nutritional information into coaching and teaching.

EXS-3320 Sec Meth in Phy Ed

Prerequisite: EDU 2100 or instructor approval. Course is designed to provide the exercise science student with an understanding of learning and teaching styles specific to kinesiology. The course addresses the basic foundational functions of how to teach and the best strategies for teaching to various learning styles. Upon completion of the course the student will have gained the tools necessary to successfully explain, demonstrate, and instruct the clients, students, or colleagues most common to the field of exercise science.

EXS-3321 Teach School Health K-12

Prerequisite: EDU 2100, EXS 3306. To provide pre-service physical education teachers content knowledge, teaching methodologies, and resource materials for teaching health education for physical education majors. The primary emphasis of this course is teaching health education to students in the K-12 classroom.

EXS-3322 Fitness Assess & Prescript

Prerequisite: EXS-2304 or concurrent enrollment. The study of the practical applications of exercise assessment and exercise prescription including screening for exercise, health appraisal, assessment, and exercise programming for health individuals.

EXS-3326 Health Consid for Spec Popula.

Prerequisite: EXS 3322 or concurrent enrollment. A theory-based exercise science course designed for the kinesiology student who is interested in working with special needs populations (i.e., older adults, children, diabetics, adapted) as it relates to strength and conditioning protocols as well as different methodologies utilized for the improvement of the body.

EXS-3336 Sports Facilities Mgt & Desgn

A study of principles, procedures, guidelines, construction, use, and maintenance of outdoor and indoor sport, fitness, and recreational facilities. Mandatory field trips are required.

EXS-4110 PETE Clinical Teaching Semina

Prerequisite: PETE major and concurrent enrollment in EDU 4604 and EDU 4608 The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) clinical teaching seminar is designed as a culminating course to be completed concurrently with the PETE teacher candidate's student teaching experience. This course is designed to guide students through the transition of their clinical teaching experience by sharpening critical and reflective thinking skills and application to the classroom. In addition, this seminar provides the candidate with a capstone experience for portfolio preparation and credentialing as a Texas Certified Teacher.

EXS-4111 Exercise Physiology Lab

Prerequisite: EXS 4311 or concurrent enrollment. The application of physiological basis of exercise and activity with special attention to energy demands and the general effects of exercise on human organ systems.

EXS-4122 Strgnth/Cond Lab

Prerequisite: EXS 4322 or concurrent enrollment. This course serves as the laboratory component for EXS 4322. The laboratory class will provide students with hands-on training procedures and protocols as discussed in the lecture course. Also included with the laboratory course will be proper utilization and standards for exercise prescription, equipment demonstrations, and other criteria needed for personal training.

EXS-4301 Issues in Sports&Exercise Sem

Prerequisite: Senior standing. This course involves in-depth discussions of important issues in the sport and exercise science. The issues range in scope from youth sports to the professional programs, and involve school physical education concerns as well as the implications of the wellness movement for all ages. A major senior presentation is required for course completion.

EXS-4308 Disability Sport & Adapted Act

The intent of this program is to provide a unique opportunity to teach students about how to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. This is a comprehensive program designed to meet the individual needs, abilities, and developmental stages through participation in lifetime, recreational and fitness activities. This includes team and individual sports for persons with disabilities as well as different fitness workouts. A self-actualization value orientation curriculum will be implemented to focus on the individual learner's growth in selfdirection and development of self-management abilities.

EXS-4310 Adapted Phys Ed

Prerequisite: EDU 2100 or instructor approval. This is a pedagogy course designed to introduce teacher candidates to the process of teaching physical education to students with disabilities. Course content includes: (1) causes and characteristics of various disabilities and the impact on movement and learning; (2) federal and state laws pertaining to the educational delivery; (3) special education service delivery process, including referral and placement of students in the least restrictive environment; (4) appropriate teaching methods; (5) developing and selecting equipment for motor development, physical fitness, and sport skills; and (6) behavior management techniques.

EXS-4311 Physiology of Exer

Prerequisite: BIO 2401, BIO 2402 and EXS 2301 Analysis of physiological basis of exercise and activity with special attention to energy demands and the general effects of exercise on human organ systems.

EXS-4322 Stgth & Cond

Prerequisite: EXS 2301, EXS 3300, and EXS 4311 Course is designed to provide the exercise science student with an understanding of the concepts for developing strength and conditioning programs. Topics include base fitness tests and measurements, strength and endurance protocols, and the basis for the design of exercise prescriptions for diverse clientele. The National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) learning objectives and skill proficiencies are covered to provide the student with the knowledge base for successful completion of the NCSF Personal Trainer certification examination.

EXS-4325 Sport Psychology

A study of basic psychological principles applied to teaching and coaching individual and team sports. Basic techniques using motivation, behavior modification, visualization, relaxation training, and concentration will be discussed.

EXS-4330 Internship I

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor; submission of application must meet deadline the semester prior to the expected semester of enrollment. (Check with the Kinesiology Department for deadlines) A directed practical experience in exercise science or wellness in cooperation with an affiliated program or institution. A minimum of 200 contact hours required. Students will be required to provide their own transportation to off-campus sites.

EXS-4331 Internship II

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor, submission of application must meet deadline the semester prior to the expected semester of enrollment. (Check in the Kinesiology Department for deadlines) A second directed practical experience in exercise science or wellness in cooperation with an affiliated program or institution. A minimum of 200 contact hours required. Students will be required to provide their own transportation to off-campus sites.

EXS-4450 Independent Study

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