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How much does a teacher make in Texas? It depends on where you teach

Thinking about becoming a teacher in Texas? While most teachers choose this career path because they have a passion for enriching children's lives, knowing your potential salary can help you determine where you’d like to teach.

The Texas Education Agency, as explained in the Dallas Morning News, breaks the state down regionally, and each region can have different pay rates. The average public school teacher salary in Texas was about $57,641 in the 2020-2021 academic year according to The Texas Tribune, but that average salary can change depending on a number of factors, like location and years of experience. 

If you’re starting your career in a major urban area, like Fort Worth or Dallas, your median starting salary could be right around $56,000. If you are in an independent town, such as Mineral Wells or Canton, that number is closer to $41,000. 

As you gain more experience, you also gain more pay. Most school districts in Texas pay teachers more the longer they’ve been in the classroom — anywhere from a $300-$1,000 pay raise each year. If you’re working in a bigger school district, you could earn around $60,000 a year after teaching for 5 years. Smaller districts would be around $45,000 for the same amount of time. 

No matter where your teaching career takes you, being prepared is the key to success. And with Texas Wesleyan’s Early Childhood–6th grade education degrees, you’ll get one-on-one mentorship from engaging professors and chances to sharpen your skills by teaching alongside the experts.  

You can also take your degree — and salary — up a notch in our 5th year program, which allows you to earn your bachelor's and master’s degrees in just 5 years. The best part? Many school districts in Texas pay an extra $1,000 a year for teachers with a master’s degree.  

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