School of Natural and Social Sciences


The School of Natural and Social Sciences integrates the liberal arts through its offerings to the general education curriculum, and provides programs in the social and physical sciences at the undergraduate level that promote excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship.


The Texas Wesleyan School of Natural and Social Sciences will be recognized for excellence in undergraduate science education marked by personal attention by faculty mentors who provide co-curricular opportunities to students that are usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions. We endeavor to create these experiential learning opportunities as they facilitate the development of the critical thinking and problem-solving skills students will need to succeed in today’s competitive workplace and graduate studies.

This vision is realized by the collaborative work of our faculty, staff and students to ensure that the following values are upheld:

  • Personal integrity and ethical decision-making,
  • Lifelong learning,
  • Appreciation of a culturally diverse community,
  • Professionalism and respect toward all constituents, and
  • Service to our community

Our strategic goals ensure that we stay true to our school vision and mission and that of the University: Provide academic programs that promote excellence in scholarship among faculty and students.

  • Contribute to a General Education Curriculum that develops language, analytic, cultural and social learning objectives through written and oral communication.
  • Ensure our academic programs foster analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and creative problem solving to prepare students for graduate studies and professional careers.
  • Develop opportunities for faculty and students to serve and strengthen relations in the greater Fort Worth community.

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Students may attend business classes during the day, afternoon, evening, and online.

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