Dr. Bruce Benz
Chair of the Biology Department
Title: Professor of Biology
Phone: 817-531-6558   Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: bbenz@txwes.edu
Office Location: Schollmaier 109
Degrees: B.S., University of North Dakota
M.S., University of Colorado-Boulder
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Interest: Dr. Benz teaches evolution, ecology, biostatistics and conservation biology. His research interests include ethnobotany and archeology in Manantlan, Mexico, the evolution of maize and the
conservation of north Texas prairies.

Dr. Chitra Chandrasekaran
Title: Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 817-531-6590   Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: cchandrasekaran@txwes.edu
Office Location: Schollmaier 113
Degrees: B.S., Stanford University
Ph.D., Washington University
Research Interest: Dr. Chandrasekaran teaches introductory and advanced cell biology. Her research focuses on the development of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster.

Mary Anne Clark, Professor of Biology

Dr. Mary Anne Clark
Professor of Biology
Phone: 817-531-6589   Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: mclark@txwes.edu
Office Location: Schollmaier 112
Degrees: B.S., Texas Woman's University
M.S., New Mexico State University
Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College
Teaching and Research Interests: Dr. Clark teaches introductory and advanced genetics. Her current research interests include a Drosophila mutation that produces long-term paralysis after CO2 anaesthesia. Dr. Clark is also director of Genome Island on Second Life and the WhoZoo Project.

Chris Parker head shot

Dr. Christopher Parker
Title:  Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone:  817-531-6559  Fax:  817-531-4275
Email:  ctparker@txwes.edu
Office Location:  Schollmaier 110
Degrees:  B. S., M.S., Sam Houston State University
Ph.D., University of Texas. Austin
Teaching and Research Interest: Dr. Parker teaches Microbiology and Immunology. His research interests lie in the relationships formed between microorganisms and the human body, either resulting in disease or symbiosis. Specifically, his research revolves around genes that may be used by bacteria to successfully colonize hosts."

Dr. Benjamin Miller
Title: Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 817-531-6588   Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: brmiller@txwes.edu
Office Location: Schollmaier 119
Degrees: B.S., M.S., University of North Texas.
Ph.D.,Indiana University
Dr. Miller teaches Anatomy and Physiology. His research interest is centered on using neurophysiological, cellular, and molecular techniques to understand neuronal communication. He is particularly interested in how astrocytes regulate global neuronal network firing patterns, an area that has implications for human health and disease.


Staff Profiles

James (Greg) Hubbard
Title: Laboratory Coordinator
Phone: 817-531-4863
Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: jghubbard@txwes.edu
Office Location: McFadden 207B
Degrees: B.S. University of Texas at Arlington
M.S. University of Texas at Arlington (Biology)
M.S. Southern Methodist University (Environmental Science)
Greg keeps all the labs running smoothly and also assists the Biology faculty and students with various research projects.

Contact Information

Tamika Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
Department of Biology 
Location: McFadden Building, Suite 310 
Phone: 817-531-4893
Fax: 817-531-4275
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

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