Industrial Positions

Chemists begin their industrial careers with positions that may involve quality control or research activity under the close supervision of someone with more experience.

Quality control involves the various tasks that are necessary to assure that a high quality product is being produced, which requires analysis of the starting materials, the final product or some intermediate step in the production process.

Chemists might also need to test the product to ensure that it has the characteristics identified as important.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are most commonly involved in producing useful chemical products in commercial quantity.

In order to produce the item in question commercially, the chemists' operations must be scaled-up to industrial size. Materials produced may be a medicine, fine chemical, polymer, feedstock, consumer item, etc.

Chemical engineers are also involved in designing and running pilot and full-size plants.

Healthcare Fields

Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States and is rapidly growing. Careers focusing on the cure and prevention of disease fall into this category.

Medical professionals, dentists and pharmacists all participate toward this goal. The preparation for healthcare professions expose students to critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to suceed in this fast-paced working environment.

Manufacturing Firms

The chemical manufacturing industry employs the majority of chemists. This industry includes firms that produce plastics and synthetic materials, drugs, soaps and cleaners, paints, industrial organic materials and other miscellaneous chemical products.

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