Computer Scientist

Computer scientists work as theorists, researchers, or inventors. They apply their higher level of theoretical expertise and innovation to complex problems and the creation or application of new technology. Computer scientists employed by academic institutions work in areas such as complexity theory, hardware, and programming-language design. Computer scientists who work in the private industry are involved in areas such as applying theory, developing specialized languages or information technologies, or designing programming tools, knowledge-based systems, or even computer games.

Researcher Design Scientist



Systems Programmer Scientific Applications Programming


Systems Analyst

Systems analysts not only deal with the analysis of large, complex scale systems and the interactions within those systems but they also solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization. Systems analysts may design new systems or add a new software application to control more of the computer's power. Most systems analysts work with specific systems that vary with the kind of organization they are held in - business, accounting, or financial systems, or scientific and engineering systems. Systems analysts are sometimes also referred to as systems developers or systems architects.

Analysts Quality Assurance
Design Specialty Systems
Support Development


Database Administrator

Database administrators create and maintain computer database management systems by working with software to determine ways to organize and store data. Within an organization, a database administrator ensures the performance of the system with an understanding of the platform on which the database runs. They often plan and coordinate security measures due to the fact that they may design and implement system security. Important aspects of this career include data integrity, backup systems, and database security.


Network Technology

Installation and Maintenance Administration


Software Engineer

Software engineers develop quality software products by applying theories and fundamentals from computer science, engineering principles, and project management.

Software Engineer  



Programming Systems Analyst
Software design Web Page Design
Consulting Education
Teaching Instructional Technology



Customer/Product Support Technical Writing
Sales and Marketing

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