Careers in Criminal Justice

A fascination with criminals and understanding criminal behavior has led to a period of explosive growth in the Criminal Justice field. It is expected that the job market will be able to accommodate graduates for years to come. Some professions for a Criminal Justice Graduate:

A Profession in the Legal Field

Lawyer Paralegal Lobbyist
Judge Abstractor Political Officeholder
Arbitrator Claim Examiner Legal Investigator
Mediator Compliance and Enforcement Inspector Corporate Investigator
Journalist Title Examiner  
Patent Agent Legislative Assistant  


A Profession as a Correctional Officer 

Body Guards

Security Guard - government, commercial, industrial
House Detective Police Officer
Store Detective Probation and Parole Officer
Bailiff Airport Security Officer


A Profession in Law Enforcement 

Detective or Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent
Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Drug Enforcement Special Agent
State Police Officer Immigration and Naturalization Service Agent
U.S. Marshal and Deputy Marshal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent
U.S. Border Patrol Special Agent Customs Agent
  Internal Revenue Service Special Agent


A Profession as an Inspector or Compliance Officer

Agricultural Commodity Grader Environmental Health Inspector Motor Vehicle Inspector
Attendance Officers in public schools Dealer Compliance Representative Occupational Safety and Health Inspector
Aviation Safety Inspector Equal Opportunity Representative Park Ranger
Bank Examiner Immigration Inspector Postal Inspector
Consumer Safety Inspector Logging Operations Inspector Railroad Inspector
Customs Inspector Mine Safety and Health Inspector Revenue Officer
Securities Compliance Examiner Travel Accommodations Rater Construction and Building Inspector
Fire Marshal  

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