Dr. Mary Anne Clark

Dr. Mary Anne Clark
Professor of Biology
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SST 112
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A Texas Wesleyan faculty member since 1979, Dr. Clark is enthusiastic about science. “I really love biology and find it exciting and interesting that it’s changing all the time, and I love sharing it.”

She finds the small class and university size conducive to interaction with students and interesting teaching. “It gives you a chance to do all kinds of things that you might not get to do at a larger institution,” such as inter-disciplinary classes and teaching a non-major genetics class in Second Life (a 3-D virtual world).

In Second Life, she created about 60 laboratory activities for the students to complete as avatars. She has written several articles and had presentations on her work in Second Life. “It’s just really cool and the students like it. Usually, by the end of the class, the students wish they could do more classes in Second Life.”

Ph.D. Biology — Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA)
M.S. Biology — New Mexico State University B.A.
B.S. Biology — Texas Woman’s University

Did You Know?
Dr. Clark is an avid reader and is trying to “resurrect high
school Spanish” by reading Harry Potter in Spanish. She is
a dog owner and as a child in an Army family, moved

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