Many political science majors obtain jobs working for local, state, or federal government including Congressional aids, campaign managers, state representatives, county/city officials, etc. They can also obtain jobs working for government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, State Board of Education, Social Security Office, Department of Public Aid, and others.

Public policy Program administration Regional planning
City or town management Intelligence Foreign Service
Law enforcement Legislative, executive, judicial services Detective
Research Federal or state government services  


Law is a common route for many political science majors. Political science is one of the best undergraduate majors for students who want to go law school because of its emphasis on conceptual thinking and public affairs. Graduate degree required.



Business and Private Agencies
Political science majors develop an awareness of political, social, and economic trends affecting the business community. Many of them obtain employment in fields including insurance agencies, agricultural businesses, financial institutes, and consulting firms.

Sales Human resources Management
Advertising Public relations  



Elected/appointed official Campaign management Staff administration
Special interest advocacy Political scientist  




Editing Reporter / correspondents Sales
News programming / analyst Production
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