Political Science Faculty

A Letter from the Faculty

The Political Science faculty at Texas Wesleyan University teach political science courses in a student-friendly environment with optimal emphasis on individualized student assistance and guidance. Faculty follow an “open door policy” and are readily accessible, with offices located in central proximity to the student mall and main campus thoroughfare.

Political Science faculty take a personal interest in the academic success of their students, and share respective current research, book and publication information with students in relevant class settings. The faculty makes a concerted effort to advance student knowledge and skills within the discipline to enhance a personal appreciation of national and global issues.

The faculty strive to cultivate cultural awareness, political science inquiry and educate students for future generations, encouraging interaction with Texas Wesleyan alumni already distinguished in government, the public sector and law.

Dr. Ibrahim Salih
Title: Professor of Political Science
Phone: 817-531-4922
Email: isalih@txwes.edu
Office Location: PMC 235
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Dr. Michelle Payne
Title: Associate Professor of Political Science
Phone: 817-531-6507
Email: mpayne@txwes.edu
Office Location: PMC 233

Dr. Trevor Morris
Title: Associate Professor of Political Science
Phone: 817-531-4282
Fax: 817-531-4202
Email: tmorris@txwes.edu
Office Location: PMC 231

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