Careers in Sociology

A. Human Services

This is a career working in community organizations or social service agencies. It is for those who enjoy a challenge, are not afraid of change, and enjoy solving problems.Jobs are found in a variety of areas: labor, work with minorities, in politics, in criminal justice areas, in law, in recreation, in marriage and family related areas, working with gay and lesbian issues, in local communities. It is recommended to volunteer with organizations to gain experience, supplement your major with courses in areas of interest, and learn foreign languages.

Social and human services assistant Social and Community Service Manager
Clinical sociologist Eligibility Interviewers, Govt Programs
Caseworker Employment Specialist
Crisis Intervention Social Worker Religious Activity and Education Director
Community Health Educator Community and Social Service Specialist
Family Services Social Worker Child and School Social Worker
Medical and Health Public Social Worker Childcare Specialist
Substance Abuse Social Worker Home Health Aide

Areas of service (casework, social work, programming, educating)

Community education Gay, lesbian and bisexual organizations Philanthropic services
Community health Halfway houses Pregnancy services
Crime victims Health services Public information
Crisis intervention Home care services Rape crisis
Disability services Homeless services Religious services
Domestic violence Housing assistance Single parents' services
Drug abuse/prevention Human services Social work
Ethnic organizations Immigrant assistance Suicide prevention
Family services Men's services Women's services
    Youth services

B. Teaching
.Alternative certification is a route for Sociology graduates who want to teach in the Public Schools.

Public school teacher College instructor

Teaching at the college level requires a minimum of 18 credit hours at the masters degree level.


C. Research and Data Analysis

Research director Social science research associate Social survey director
Data analyst Principle Investigator Social science analyst
Policy analyst Survey research technician Statistical analyst
Demographer Industrial sociologists  

This is an area for those who enjoy research data and working with numbers. There are job opportunities in diverse areas including in business and industry, organizations, government, libraries, non-profits, publishers, and research centers. It is recommended to develop strong computer skills, statistical analyzation skills, and writing skills.

A is a population specialist who collects and analyzes vital statistics related to population changes, such as births, marriages, and deaths. Demographers plan and conduct demographic research, surveys, and experiments to study human populations and affecting trends.

(masters degree required) may specialize in research on group relationships and processes in an industrial organization.

Other Positions:

D. Public Employment
There are many opportunities for Sociologists in federal, state or local governments. The federal government has many entry level jobs for sociology majors. It is recommended to develop strong computer skills.

Employment at the Federal Level:
Many of government units are focused on social life, social changes, and social causes of behavior. Departments that hire include the Veterans Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Defense, Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, Transportation, Education, Treasury, and Energy. Especially notable are the following:
Department of Agriculture Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Drug Enforcement Administration Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Customs Service U.S. Information Agency

Positions include:

Customs inspector

Personnel management specialist
Employee development specialist Position classification specialist
Human rights worker Program specialist
Intelligence research specialist Writer- Social Science Research
Legislative aide Policy Analyst
Management analyst Urban sociologist
Peace Corps volunteer Rural sociologist
  Social ecologist


Urban sociologists focus on research on the origin, growth, structure, and demographic characteristics of cities and social patterns and distinctive problems that result from an urban environment

Rural sociologists may specialize in research on rural communities in contrast with urban communities and special problems occasioned by the impact of scientific and industrial revolutions on a rural way of life.

A social ecologist specializes in research on interrelations between physical environment and technology in spatial distribution of people and their activities.

Employment at the State Level:

Analyst Investigator
Inspector Program developer


Related Occupations at the City/County/Local Level: There are opportunities at the county level, municipal level, township level, in school districts, and in commissions or other boards or authorities.

Inspector Office manager
Juvenile Court Worker Program developer


E. Human Resource Management
This is an area that combines human interaction with paperwork and administration to help an organization maintain cohesiveness, solve problems, provide the right environment, training, and other issues related to human resources.It can include data management, training, administration, public presentations.

A social pathologist specializes in investigation of group behavior that is considered detrimental to the proper functioning of society.

The social welfare research worker conducts research that is used as a tool for planning and carrying out social welfare programs.

Other Positions

Affirmative action coordinator Employee interviewer Lawyer
Arbitrator Employment specialist Management analyst
Compensation manager Equal Employment Opportunity representative Mediator
Employee assistance plan managers Grievance officer Occupational analyst
Employee benefits manager Human resource Recreation specialist
Employee development specialist Human resources manager Recruiter
Employee relations representative Job classification specialist Executive assistant, nonprofit organization
Employee welfare office manager Labor relations manager Public relations specialist

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