Thank you for your interest in leading a travel study program at Texas Wesleyan! We are delighted that you are interested in leading a program and our office is here to answer any questions you may have and offer support.

Please follow the steps below to submit your proposal.

Set up a meeting
with the Director of International Programs to discuss what you have in mind for your trip. At this meeting, we can assist you with tips for creating a program that will be affordable and attractive to students and answer any questions you have about the process. We have many resources, from books to previous experience to help you successfully navigate putting together a successful proposal, and ultimately a successful travel study program.

Fill out and submit the one page preliminary program proposal form
‌. This form is designed to make sure you have all the necessary approvals to begin the process of developing your program before you start working on all the details. This is a simple, short form. Once you submit this form, the Office of International Programs will begin to work with you on your final program proposal, and assisting you as you set up your program and your budget.

Submit your final program proposal for final approval.
At this point, you will have worked through all of the details, will have prepared your syllabi, and will have general costs outlined for the program. When you submit the final program proposal, the International Programs Office will work with you in creating your final budget and price for students; having the budget approved and an account created; arranging for the classes to be set up in Ramlink; creating contracts and making reservations; and setting up deadlines and application procedures.

The Office of International Programs will begin accepting applications after developing an online application packet for students and creating a website where students can find information and apply for your program. In partnership with the International Programs Office, you will begin advertising your program and we will accept applications and deposits through our office and enroll the students.

Once the program makes, the International Programs Office will work with you to begin paying deposits and final payments to vendors, presenting at the pre-departure orientation, creating a student guide with program specific information, and arranging for your payment and per diem allocations before your trip. The IP office will also act as the main emergency contact for you when you are abroad and will always be on call to assist you with an emergency.


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