Garry Jones

Garry Jones
Political Science

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(Political) Movers & Shakers
Jones is very active in Democratic politics, and would like to build a career working in politics after attending law school. From a young age, his mother and father taught Jones to engage with politics. "As a kid, I would pretend to be John McLaughlin from The McLaughlin Group."

Engaging Educators
"I really enjoy Dr. Salih’s classes. They are very government-minded, which is interesting to me, since I would eventually like to work for a senator or congressman. I also learned a lot in the New Testament class I took from Kendra Irons [visiting assistant professor of religion]. She helped me learn more than just the facts – we learned about the social and political dynamics of the era the New Testament was written in."

Why Smaller is Smarter
Jones has been able to be active in a number of organizations around campus, including Student Government, and he says there are lots of opportunities to get connected at Wesleyan – or to explore. "I’d like to maybe study abroad sometime in the future."

Member of
Kappa Alpha
Golden Shears
Wesleyan World of Leaders
Pre-Law Society
Baptist Student Ministries
M.D. Anderson PreProfessional Programs

He’s Also
Political Director of the Texas College Democrats

Favorite Books
“My favorite book is Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. That book is just really inspiring. I also like True Compass by Ted Kennedy. Biographies are interesting to me because they show what a person has done with their life – what worked for them, what didn’t work for them."

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