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Save the date: UCD 2019 set for April 17

12.06.2018 | By:
Students present posters in the Baker Building during the 2014 UCD event.

Mark your calendars for University College Day (UCD) on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - an annual gathering of intellectuals.

It is a day set aside by the University to celebrate the intellectual, academic and community life of Texas Wesleyan University. The day promotes student, faculty and staff ideas, research, projects and discoveries across campus. This year’s theme is “Looking beyond the stars.”

Faculty are encouraged to include UCD in their syllabi and to promote and sponsor as much student participation as possible. Undergraduate classes will not be held as usual on this day. Instead, faculty should redirect students during class times to attend sessions of their particular choices for attendance credit.

This event offers us the opportunity to encourage learning beyond the classroom by linking students’ attendance at sessions to course content or skills as students see the results of their peers’ and professors’ research, collaborative projects, and creative endeavors.

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