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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Presentation Submissions

University College Day, April 22, 2020

UCD Presentation Submissions will be accepted beginning on Monday, Dec. 2. The extended deadline for submitting your UCD Proposal is March 1. All presentations will take place on April 22.

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Submission Information

Submission Instructions:

Students must have a faculty advisor who will help them refine their topic, review their proposal, assist with the submission and guide the development of their presentation.

If students are working as a group, one should be chosen as the "contact presenter." This is the student with whom the committee will correspond regarding the status of the proposal and the instructions. The committee will correspond with both the contact presenter and faculty advisor via email. Both the faculty advisor and the contact presenter are expected to communicate information to the other members of the group.

Proposal Submission Steps and Requirements:

  1. Secure faculty sponsor endorsement. Select the faculty member who will work with you and be your faculty sponsor for this proposal. This means that the faculty will have to approve your proposal before you post your submission.
  2. Develop a proposal for your presentation.
  3. Give your presentation a title. Capitalize the first letter of all substantial words in the title.
  4. Write an abstract for your presentation (600-word limit) and two to three objectives.
  5. Before submitting the proposal, gather the names, email addresses and phone numbers for all presenters. Enter the information in the appropriate text boxes. Use the "+" buttons to enter additional student presenters or to select additional faculty advisors.
  6. Select the appropriate group and presentation type.
  7. All rooms will have internet access, a computer and a projector. You can make any special requests that exceed this equipment.
  8. The extended deadline for submitting your UCD Proposal is March 1st. Early submissions are strongly encouraged and supported.

Please make accurate and complete entries. If you find the need to make changes, please email Dr. Ngozi Akinro and include 'UCD' in the subject line.