Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following FAQs for information about placement exams.

What test does Texas Wesleyan administer?

Texas Wesleyan uses the Accuplacer for placement testing. The Accuplacer is a computer based test that assesses your knowledge and abilities in English (Writing), Math and Reading Comprehension.

Does Wesleyan accept the THEA, Compass, TSI Accuplacer or other placement tests in place of the Accuplacer?

Wesleyan does not accept the THEA, Compass or TSI Accuplacer or other placement tests in place of the Accuplacer. Welseyan requires specific sections of the Accuplacer, so please contact Academic Placement Testing prior to testing at any alternate locations.

What determines my need for placement exams? Are there exemptions?

Your SAT, ACT, AP tests and college credits are all reviewed to determine whether or not you need placement exams. Students who do not meet the exemptions listed below are required to take placement exams. 


    • Course credit for ENG 1301 
    • 4 or higher on the AP English exam
    • 520 or higher on the SAT Writing section
    • 550 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading section
    • 28 or higher on the ACT English section


    • Course credit for MAT 1302 or another college level math course
    • 600 or higher on the SAT Math section
    • 28 or higher on the ACT Math section

*If you achieve a Math SAT score of 600 or above or a Math ACT scores of 28 or above, you are qualified to take a paper based pre-calculus test. The pre-calculus test is scored by the Wesleyan math department.


    • 530 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading section
    • 46 or higher combined English and Reading ACT score
    • 31 or more transfer credit hours

Think you might be exempt? Provide evidence to the Office of Admission or New Student Programs before orientation.

How long does the test take?

Test times vary for each student and depend on the number of tests taken. There are no time limits for each Accuplacer section, however, each test session is limited to three hours. If you do not finish testing in 3 hours, you will be asked to return to complete your tests at another time. Students who need multiple sections are not required to complete all sections in one testing session.  

Please note that testing typically starts 15-20 minutes after the posted exam time. The first 15-20 minutes are dedicated to addressing testing questions, check-in and testing instructions. If you are under strict time constraints, or have prior commitments that may limit your time to test, we strongly encourage you to reschedule. 

Am I required to take all of my placement exams at one time?

You are not required to complete all of your placement exams at one time. We recommend that students needing English, Math and Reading placement avoid taking all of their tests on the same day.

Can I test at any time?

Testing is only offered at designated times. You must register for one of the scheduled test times. Individual testing appointments can also be made.

What if I score below the minimum requirements?

If you do not meet the minimum score requirements, you will be placed in developmental courses. Developmental courses:

  • Count towards Financial Aid purposes
  • Do not count towards hours needed for graduation
  • Are calculated into a student's overall GPA
  • Do not transfer to or from other colleges or universities

Can I retest?

You have two attempts for each section of the Accuplacer. You must wait until the next business day before your second attempt. 

How much is the Accuplacer test?

There is no charge for your initial Accuplacer testing. There is a $20 charge for each section you retake.

Where is the test located? 

Students will always meet in the Academic Success Center for testing, although test locations may vary.

Can I test at another location? 

You may contact Academic Placement Testing to find an alternate testing location at another college or university. Please note that alternate testing locations may charge fees for testing.

Testing Policies

Students must adhere to the following policies while testing:

  • Cell phones must be silenced or powered off and not visible during testing.
  • Outside sources may not be used during the test. Outside sources include any notes, books, websites, search engines and Microsoft Word. The only outside program allowed is Notepad.
  • No talking during the test.
  • No external calculators. An on-screen calculator is provided during the Math section of the Accuplacer.
  • You must know your Wesleyan ID number or the last 6 digits of your social security number.
  • You must bring a photo ID to test.
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