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Trisha Anderson
Assistant Professor of Management

Learn real skills in class that you can take to your job the next day.

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How do you bring classroom work into the real world?

"I try to teach concepts that are relevant to real-life, so we do a lot of activities in the classroom, and we also go on company visits. I assign projects that are not case studies out of the textbook – but where students have to go out and collect their own data, answer research questions and figure out how to come up with solutions they might not have ever found."
What type of projects do students work on?

"Students are able to work on projects that are of interest to them, so, for example, in a project management class, a student might plan to build a baseball stadium, or in statistics, we might study questions like; 'do the smartest students always sit in the front row?' or 'is there a home field advantage?' It makes it relevant and interesting to the student."
You have expertise in both math and business. How do the two intersect?

"The combination and mathematics and business is fascinating. It brings together industrial engineering, management science, and operations management and uses techniques to study decision-making at the organizational, individual and management levels. The result of this sort of analysis is that it helps companies make better decisions."
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