How Long Will it Take?

How Long Will It Take?

Get a jump on your degree plan.

Here are a couple of routes you could take to complete your degree. There are many different variations you can follow, so talk to one of the counselors today to learn more:

Download the MS School Counseling Degree Plan (PDF).

School Counseling: Example Degree Plan

First Year

  • Fall Semester
    Introduction to School Counseling
    Theories of Counseling
  • Spring Semester
    Lifespan/Human Growth and Development
    Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Summer Session
    Programs in School Counseling
    Ethical and Professional Conduct for Counselors
    Techniques of Appraisal and Assessment

Second Year

  • Fall Semester
    Advanced Psychopathology
    Advanced Counseling and Crisis Skills
  • Spring Semester
    Practicum in School Counseling
    Career Development & Assessment
  • Summer Semester
    Group Counseling
    Marriage & Family Counseling
The Practicum

What are practicum hours?

  • The School Counseling program at Texas Wesleyan requires practicum hours, which are hands-on experience hours, to complete the program. Practicum hours are arranged with an ISD school counselor supervisor and completed in a local K-12 school.

How many hours do I need?

  •  School Counseling students are required to complete 160 hours of practicum experience. These hours are completed during one class of the program.

What other qualifications are required for state certification?

  • In addition to the MS in School counseling program and practicum hours, students must have completed 2 years of credible full-time equivalent teaching service as defined by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Texas State Board of Education Certification (SBEC) in order to qualify for the TExES certification exam.

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