Master of Education

Bill Newton
Assistant Professor of Education

Educational leaders have to be able to understand and interpret to make good decisions.

Q & A
Why are good educational leaders also good communicators?

"The most effective administrators strive to establish a relationship with all of their teachers. As an administrator you must know your faculty in order to best meet their needs so that students have the best opportunity for success. Clear two-way communication is essential to the process of moving an organization forward and limiting misunderstanding."
Why is that so important?

“Principals can’t be experts in all areas of curriculum, but they can be experts in instruction. So they can talk to teachers about what they saw about how the curriculum was delivered during their evaluation or walkthrough and the instructional practices that they saw in the classroom – or that they didn’t see. “
When do you see the “a-ha moment” in your class?

“The ‘a-ha moment’ – the connection of the theoretical to the practical – occurs lots of times during discussion-based teaching. I try to bring situations that they are already familiar with into the classroom setting and connect those to the theoretical basis we are talking about – I try to place it in the educator’s world so they can more completely understand that.

In my case I try to provide examples from my experiences. I believe that both the theoretical and the practical are essential to full understanding of any situation. By providing concrete examples of how the research information translates to the everyday world of the school administrator or teacher, I believe the students get a much better understanding of the realities of the position."

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