Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez
Dean of Education

You can fade into the background at a big school, or you can become a better educator at Texas Wesleyan.

Q & A
How does a master’s degree help teachers succeed?

“The value added of the program for most of our students is vertical mobility. We offer a number of concentrations that help people do that. They can become more versed in their field, or they can become administrators, or they can become directors of programs or move to central administration.”



Why go to Texas Wesleyan for a master of education degree?

“When you’re here, we put all of our efforts into mentoring students to become something – our faculty is driven by that.
The other thing that you get is a network of people that are going to be in your field when you leave. Our Wesleyan community exists in and outside of our buildings. When you get to a school and say, ‘I am a Wesleyan graduate,’ you’re going to meet maybe 10 other people that say, ‘I am too.’”
You’re the “Smaller. Smarter.” school. What does that mean?

“Most deans do not deal directly with students in large institutions. In our case – in my case – not only do I teach students, but also I advise students. I know who they are. I know how they are doing.
We have a sense of who everybody is and where he or she needs to be so that we can help him or her get there. Our class sizes are anywhere between 15 and 20 students maximum. We teach them more than once. We see students’ progress. Our size allows us to know our students.”
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