Lisa Dryden

Lisa Dryden
Director of the M.Ed. Program

Having a master's degree is becoming the new "norm" in education.

Q & A
How does building leadership skills help educators?

“If you are coming outside the classroom into any type of administrative position in a school district, you need to be a good leader. That's why regardless of the concentration you choose, we focus on leadership; you’ll need those skills – how to work with people, how to be a team player, how to know your material – in any field.”
How does a master’s degree help teachers in the classroom? 

"We learn about the current research in best practices, and we also take pride in applying that to the practical side. Students need skills they can use in their classroom the next day, so we do a lot of hands-on work. Professors model ideas. Students work in groups. They do demonstrations in front of the class. We teach you to apply concepts because we’re trying to make you a better professional a stronger leader, and a more effective educator.”

You are also going to have interaction with other professionals in the field, which will help you learn from each other. You'll develop high-order thinking skills, learn about being a leader on campus, learn to problem solve, and how to think critically."

Do teachers really need another degree?

"I have visited with many administrators, and they want the candidate with the master’s degree over the one without because more education, more skill development, more critical thinking abilities and more problem solving skills are obtained through the degree. Having a master's degree is quickly becoming the 'norm.'

So, when people are interviewing for any kind of job in education, the candidate that has the master’s degree has the edge on the candidate that doesn’t -- it opens doors for teachers that want to move from the classroom into leadership. It gives you a competitive edge.”

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