Meet Edita Ruzgyte

"What makes our counseling program different? You could say it's experience."


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What makes Texas Wesleyan’s counseling program so unique?

"Our faculty. We are teaching students to be practitioners, and we’re not just doing it from the books. Each of us have our own practice, so each of the faculty members in the department spend half of their week seeing clients, working with clients and applying these ideas. When they come to class, they are able to share their real experience."

What's the advantage of a small school experience?

"In our department, each of the faculty members has a different theory they practice, a different model that they apply, or different ways that they deal with clients. That’s good for students because they are encouraged to talk with a professor about a case they have, even if they aren’t in their class that semester. Our doors are open to provide one-of-a-kind professional supervision."

How do professors with practical experience help students learn?

"When I was in school, our faculty is very knowledgeable, but most of them were not practitioners. They were very good theoreticians, yet, it didn’t help me as much in a practical sense. But when your professors are practitioners, we can do more. I know what the book says, but at the same time, we can have a conversation and apply it to a specific client that makes much more hands-on, applicable sense."
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