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Year 1

Summer Extended

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8050 Introduction to the DNAP Program -
ANE 8214 Learning Technologies & Informatics 2
ANE 8310 Health Law & Ethics 3

Fall Semester 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8401 Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology I 4
MGT 8208 Leadership & Managing Change(7 Weeks) 2

Spring Semester 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8402 Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology II  4
ANE 8216 Public Health Policy & Health Care Organization  2

Summer Extended

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8312 Applied Biomedical Statistics 3
Year 2

Fall Semester 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8211 Evidence-Based Practice I 2
ANE 8317 Curriculum Planning, Teaching Strategies & Evaluation for Nurse Anesthesia Program Faculty  3
ANE 8412 Nurse Anesthesia Practice Management & Finance  4

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8314 Evidence-Based Practice II 3
ANE 8320 Administration of a Nurse Anesthesia Program 3
ACC 8212 Using Activity Based Management for Improvement (7 Weeks) 2

Summer Extended 

Course Credit Hours
ANE 8113 Scholarly Work Completion 1

Total Credit Hours: 32

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