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Course Descriptions

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Core Courses

BUA-6212 Crit Think & Impactful Commun

CORE Course: This course is designed to help students better formulate, analyze, and communicate ideas about unstructured business problems, some of which involve multiple functional areas of business (marketing, operations, finance, etc.). A central premise of this course is that critical thinking and communication skills are best learned through repeated cycles of practice, feedback from instructors and peers, reflection prompted by that feedback, and more practice. Students completing the course will demonstrate writing that emphasizes grammar, composition, and rhetoric, as well as mastery of APA citation.

ECO-6214 Appl Bus & Econom Forcasting

This course focuses on advanced forecasting techniques that are widely used in industry. Firms need to make predictions about future events. Common examples include predicting future demand for a product or asset valuation. Forecasts can be used in a variety of ways such as planning production, determining budgets, allocating resources, hiring staff and employees, etc.

FIN-6215 Financial Management

CORE Course - This purpose of this course is to learn to integrate and apply economic and financial principles to decision-making situations. These situations will be presented in the form of case studies and problems in the text. In addition, we will be discussing current issues in finance such as mergers, IPO's, sovereign debt crises, financial markets and institutions, etc. The course emphasizes financial decision-making within the firm using case studies as the primary activity. Topics include financial goals and strategy, financial analysis and forecasting, capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, dividend policy and firm valuation.

MGT-6204 Global Perspectives in Bus

CORE Course: This course explores challenges facing modern corporations in organizing activities that span multiple national boundaries and cultures. The course examines the inner workings of International Business from a strategic point of view, including the various challenges of operating in a global environment (cultural, economic, operational, and legal). From expansion of operations to foreign nations to successfully managing overseas operations, it is imperative that students have a better understanding of the micro and macro factors that make management of international businesses distinct from domestic businesses. Through experimental learning, case analysis, and individual and group projects, this course will provide students with an understanding of the process of cross-cultural management and the challenges that they face while working in multicultural environments. Core competencies include self-awareness, managing ambiguity and uncertainty, managing intergroup conflict, and cross-cultural communication.

MGT-6207 Strategic Management

CORE Course: Prerequisites: Completion of other MBA core classes or in term of graduation. This core course deals with the concept of strategy, in that we will discuss how to identify and choose a superior competitive position, how to analyze a strategic situation, and finally how to create the organizational context to make the chosen strategy work. This course has two major objectives: 1) to explore conceptual frameworks and models which will assist you in analyzing competitive and strategic dilemmas and gain insight into strategic management, 2) to help you acquire practical experience in dealing with strategic issues by extensive case analysis of organizations that are currently operating in the business environment.

MGT-6208 Leadership

CORE Course: This course will help students examine leadership and influence issues that managers face. We will achieve this by engaging students in a variety of activities designed to enhance their understanding of the leadership challenges that confront today's business professionals. The focus of this course will be on leading up, down, and across the organization, recognizing that leadership is not limited to managers. Students will examine various theoretical constructs as a means of becoming more aware of their own leadership styles. In addition, the course will include components on developing individual leadership skills through guest business speakers, cases, readings, projects, and simulations. Among other topics, case studies and group projects will focus on characteristics of effective leaders, power and influence strategies, crisis management, organizational politics and leadership assessment.

MGT-6209 Organizational Behavior

CORE Course: Organizational Behavior is devoted to understanding individuals and groups within an organizational context. The field focuses on attributes, processes, behaviors, and outcomes within and between individual, interpersonal group, and organizational levels of analysis in which we will analyze the basic and applied concepts and research findings. Topics include motivation, leadership, teamwork, power, change management, organizational culture, decision-making, and ethics.

MKT-6221 Integrated Mktg Management

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the role of marketing in organizations - not as a department, but as an orientation and basis for managing in a market emphasizing the customer in a competitive environment. The role of integrated marketing management is to help companies better understand customer preferences, link that knowledge to designing appropriate products and services for selected customers, and determine appropriate methods to communicate, to capture, and to deliver value. Successful firms are those that pursue objectives, employ resources, and invest in the future of an organization to consistently satisfy the needs of customers better than competitors. These ideas apply to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

General Business Concentration

Supply Chain Management

MGT-6342 Global Logistics

This course focuses on the transportation and distribution activities that support demand fulfillment. The course also discusses the models and techniques for the analysis of logistics systems as well as the strategic financial outcomes influenced by the logistics decisions.

Healthcare Administration

HCA-7307 Acc Fund Hlth Care Organiza

This course is an introduction financial accounting, including accounting standards, financial statements, and accounting for Healthcare Organizations. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with financial accounting concepts, terms, and how to prepare and interpret financial statements from a managerial perspective.

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