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University admission
requirements apply
. A 2.5 GPA is needed for secondary education certification.


Brenda Matthews
Social Sciences Department Chair
Polytechnic United Methodist
Church, #241

History reveals the core of human experience – our triumphs, flaws and motivations. You’ll tackle the big topics of the past and present in a program that is tailored to undergraduates and writing-focused. That’s a good thing, too, because all the writing and researching will prepare you for graduate school or a professional career.

What Are Some Potential Careers?
What Courses Would I Take?
  • History of Texas
  • History of Mexico
  • Colonial and Revolutionary America
  • History of the New South
  • Race & Gender in American History
  • Ancient Greece & Rome
  • Heroes in History
What if I Want to Teach?

No problem. We offer a certification through the School of Education that prepares you to teach middle and high school classes.

You'll take 20 hours of education classes and get the classroom experience you need with six hours of student teaching.

Where Are Your Students Now?
  • Teaching at schools in the Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Working in major institutions as archivists
  • Attending graduate schools like TCU, SMU, and Texas Woman’s University.
  • Attending law schools across the country
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