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Jennifer Sullivan ’98 shares tips for families at home

03.24.2020 | By:

Jennifer (Nutt) Sullivan began her teaching career at Brawner Intermediate in Granbury ISD in 2007. She has taught third, fourth and fifth graders. She continues to work at the ISD as a third-grade teacher and is loving every minute of it!

As a teacher and a mom, we asked Jennifer to give us a few tips for families adjusting to staying at home.

Online Education Resources

  • Buzz Math allows users to get a free trial until July 1 and the site allows you to choose between the Common Core and TEKS standards.
  • Brain Pop is an excellent resource because the same characters deliver the information in an age-appropriate setting. One of the characters is a silly Robot named Moby. Children love him. There is also Brain Pop Jr. (K-3), Brain Pop ELL, Brain Pop Española.
  • Online book sites are a great way to keep kids reading. Here are three suggested sites for silent reading and audiobooks, as well. The first is temporarily free during this time at home, and the other two are free services all the time.

Fun Family Activities

  • Cooking – Not only is this a fun thing to do together, but it also gives you the chance to supervise their skills and teach a life skill! It doesn’t have to be elaborate. (Think...grilled cheese, pancakes, brownies.)
  • Train the dog! – Sounds silly, but this takes planning and patience and then your kiddo is rewarded with something to show.
  • Get out those photo albums and yearbooks – Tangible pictures are something that many kids don’t really see anymore. Let’s face it, kids enjoy looking back at old photos and poking fun at mom and dad.
  • Quarantine electronics – Find those puzzles and board games. Write a letter! Grandparents will LOVE getting a letter. Play dominoes and card games.

More About Jennifer

Jennifer Sullivan is a second-generation TXWES grad and is currently working on a Master of Arts–English Language Learners (Pre-K–12). After graduating from Texas Wesleyan, Jennifer explored a career in radio and advertising. She then worked in higher education – first at the University of Dallas and then for the TXWES Admissions team. Finally, Jennifer went back to her roots to become a teacher.

She and her husband, Frank, have been married for nearly 19 years and are the proud parents of Katherine (14) and Emily (10). When they aren’t busy with school activities, the Sullivan family enjoys watching movies together, traveling and cooking!