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Joyce Davidson retires from Texas Wesleyan

07.08.2022 | By:

Joyce Davidson Staff Photo

Texas Wesleyan is proud to honor Joyce Davidson as she retires after 30 years of service to the University. Joyce’s first job was as an administrative assistant for the Texas Wesleyan cafeteria. Later, Joyce moved into the Office of University Advancement as an administrative assistant and eventually became the gift processor, which is her current role.

Joyce is truly loved by her Wesleyan RAMily. Faculty, staff and alumni have shared memories and ways Joyce has impacted them, including, “Always a friendly face to greet and register me for an event,” and “(She) shared her smiles and friendliness with EVERYONE.” 

As much as Joyce has meant to Texas Wesleyan, working at the university has meant a lot to her as well. Texas Wesleyan gave Joyce the opportunity for both her daughters to complete their college education and provided a positive work environment with a mission she believes in. Joyce said, “(I was able) to work around people who had the same goals — to put students first.”

Over the 30 years that Joyce has worked at Texas Wesleyan, she has had many amazing memories. When asked to choose her favorite she said, “If (I can) only choose one, it would have to be the opening of the Martin University Center.”

In her retirement, Joyce is looking forward to having time to be with family and friends and declutter her house.