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Make a gift to the Wesleyan Fund this holiday season

12.01.2015 | By:

Make the end of the year a win-win and support the Wesleyan Fund.

A year-end gift is a great time to give. It helps the University reach its fundraising goals and it also helps you reduce your tax burden for the year. That’s what we call a win-win. Don’t just give — know what you’re supporting Your gift to the Wesleyan Fund works in three really big ways:

  • Funds scholarships – Scholarships are based on academic merit and assist students with financial need.
  • Strengthens programs – Wesleyan Fund gifts go to strengthen academic programming, which increases the value of a Texas Wesleyan degree.
  • Increases participation – Major foundations review alumni participation before giving. High participation is good. Very good.

And, the Morton Challenge still stands. For every new and increased gift to the Wesleyan Fund, Jack Morton ’43 has pledged a 1-to-1 matching gift. That means there’s never been a better time to give and help students like Mouj Saheb.

‌"The best gift you can give a student is to help them financially. When I heard that I would be receiving a full scholarship, I didn’t have any words - it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It motivates me every day to study and succeed." -Mouj Saheb, Junor psychology major & future CEO

P.S.  If you’ve already made your gift, thanks!