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SGA president sends message to fellow graduates

05.14.2020 | By:
A young woman with glasses and blue blouse posing next to a statue of a ram.

Hey fellow grads!

We did it! We have submitted all of our finals and after years of hard work and dedication we can finally say, “I did it!”

This isn’t the finale that any of us dreamed of and there is no replacing the loss of our graduating semester. I want to recognize all of our athletes that lost their season, the movers and shakers whose events were canceled and the students who are all experiencing their own unique losses.

But there is no need to hang our heads, because WE. HAVE. GRADUATED. We are at a point where we can take our lives to whatever chapter we want next. We can close the books from undergrad and write our new story. All of the adversity and mountains moved are behind you. Whether you have bled blue and gold in your time here or simply stuck to the books, you are now in the best position of your life to incite change.

We want to see where life takes you. Stay engaged with the Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association and wear your Ram Pride. We are the future educators, politicians, healthcare professionals and more of the world. That is no small feat! I wish you all a hearty and well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in your next chapter of life. And I hope to be able to tell you in person in August at graduation. 

Rams Up!!!

Alyssa Hutchinson
Student Government President and fellow graduating senior ❤️